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Where can I get LMS help?

Help is available any time with the University of Melbourne 24/7 Canvas support channels, including online chat and phone.

For all other student queries please contact Stop 1. Stop 1 can help you with admissions, enrolment, course planning, administration, support services, and skills and development.

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Most questions about using Canvas LMS are answered in the Canvas Community guides. For unique University of Melbourne issues, we have answered some common questions below.

  • Who can I contact?

    Canvas help is available any time with their dedicated 24/7 support channels, including online chat and phone.

    For all other student queries, please contact Stop 1. Stop 1 can help you with admissions, enrolment, course planning, administration, support services, and skills and development.

  • I should have access to a subject or community but I can’t find it. What do I do?

    First, contact Stop 1 or log in to my.unimelb to check your enrolment status. Once logged in to the Canvas LMS, your current subjects and communities will be displayed on your Dashboard.

    To view all subjects and communities you are a part of, click on Subjects in the global navigation menu, then click All Subjects.

    If you do not see your subject or community listed under All Subjects, contact Stop 1.

  • Can I customise my Canvas notifications?

    Yes! Canvas gives you control over how and when you are notified about updates in your subjects and communities.

    Have a look at these Canvas user guides to find out more:

  • Where can I find Canvas user guides?

    Canvas has provided a wealth of information in the Canvas Community. These guides will take you through accessing announcements, submitting assignments, getting the most out of your calendar and so much more.

    The Getting Started as a Student section is a great place to start.

  • Can I still access Blackboard LMS?

    As of Semester 2, 2020, Blackboard is no longer being used for teaching and learning at the University of Melbourne. This means that all teaching and learning is taking place in Canvas.

    From Monday 7 September 2020, students and staff can no longer access content in previously taught subjects and communities in Blackboard, nor access Blackboard file storage locations.

    Find out more about this process in Blackboard LMS decommission - information for students.

Student user guides

Find all of our Student user guides for LMS learning technologies here in the one place.

Guide titleDescription View guide
Assignments in Canvas How to access, submit and download assignments in Canvas. Go
Cadmus How to access, complete and submit a Cadmus assignment in Canvas. Go
Gradescope Gradescope is an online assessment platform that allows students to upload paper-based assignments for digital grading and feedback. Go
Converting images to PDF for Gradescope How to scan your work on an iOS and Android device to submit your scans in Gradescope from your computer, phone, or tablet. Go
Submitting your PDF assignment via Canvas appHow to locate your PDF file and submit to Gradescope via the Canvas Student app on both iOS and Android devices.Go
Lecture Capture
Getting started guide for students Guide to accessing the Lecture Capture system as well as viewing and downloading recordings. Go
Q&A Discussions The Lecture Capture Q&A feature allows staff and students to engage in discussions relating to recordings and presentations. Go
Microsoft Teams
Getting started for students Get started with Microsoft Teams by creating a shared workspace, or joining a Teams Meeting in Canvas. Go
Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere Quick guide for students to access Poll Everywhere and respond to polls. Go
Turnitin Similarity Reports How to access, download and interpret the Turnitin Similarity Report. Go
Record, edit and upload videos for Canvas Assignments This guide provides some general advice and useful links to resources to help you get started with recording, editing and submitting a video or audio file as an assessment. Go
Submit a video in Canvas using Echo360 This guide steps through accessing a Canvas assignment, uploading a video to your Echo360 (Lecture Capture) library, then embedding it into the assignment submission. Go
Submit a video in Canvas using Kaltura Students can use Kaltura's My Media area to store and upload videos for use in Canvas assignments, discussions and more. Go
Universal Capture Universal Capture is a software that can be used to record and edit video content from your computer. It will automatically publish the captured content onto the Echo360 Lecture Capture system which can then be submitted to an assignment or discussion. Go
Access, download and join Zoom Zoom is a high-quality video and audio online conferencing tool. Staff can choose to enable Zoom in Canvas LMS subjects to host and facilitate webinars and other online sessions. Go
The Zoom interface This guide explains the Zoom Meetings interface from a student perspective when using Zoom Meetings from a computer.  Go

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