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How to access, complete and submit a Cadmus assignment in Canvas

Cadmus is an online assessment tool that is accessed within the Canvas LMS. It is used to complete and submit written assessment tasks.

Important: Cadmus is only accessible on a desktop or laptop computer. It is not compatible with tablets or mobile phones. The only supported browsers are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Depending on your Subject Coordinator, your Cadmus assignment can be set up one of two ways.

  1. Broad time limit assessment – where you have a due date and can complete the assessment within a broad time limit, at any time and must submit prior to the submission date and time.
  2. Time limited assessment – where you have a set time limit (e.g. – 3 hours) to complete the assessment and cannot view the instructions prior to starting.

Access your Cadmus assignment in the LMS

  1. Navigate to your subject in the LMS and click on Assignments in the subject navigation menu.
  2. Select your assignment from the Upcoming Assignments list. You may be prompted to open your assignment in a new window.
Select assignment
Find the Cadmus assessment task in the Assignment list
  1. Once you have opened the assignment, you will be presented with the Cadmus tool. The first time you access your assignment you will be prompted to accept the Cadmus terms and conditions. Click on Accept and continue.
  2. A new screen will display the Cadmus assignment description. Click on Go to Cadmus to be taken to the Cadmus interface, where you can start working on your assignment.
Go to Cadmus
Open Cadmus to view your assignment
  1. If this is the first time you have accessed Cadmus, there is an online tutorial about Cadmus to the right of the screen that you will need to complete before you can start writing in the interface.
  2. If you are completing a time limited assessment, when you are ready to begin your assignment click Start the clock. Your timer will begin immediately and you will now be able to view the assessment instructions and start writing.
Click start the clock when you are ready to begin your assignment.
Click start the clock when you are ready to begin your assignment.

Completing an assignment through Cadmus

When you open Cadmus, you will find the assignment instructions on the left side of the screen. You will write your assignment on the right side of the screen.


A timer will be available at the bottom-right corner. For a take home assessment, this will only be viewable near the due time. For a time limited assessment, this will always be viewable.

Important: If you begin your time limited assessment late, you will have less time to complete the assessment. The timer will not readjust to reflect this.


You may also choose to write some notes or plan your work in Cadmus. You can do this using the Notes section. Your notes will not be submitted with your final assignment.

To use the notes section, go to the top menu and click on Notes. The Notes section will appear on the left of the screen. Your Subject Coordinator may have added a checklist to the notes section. If so, you can add your own notes below the checklist. To return to the assignment instructions, go to the top menu and click on Instructions.

Notes in Cadmus
Record notes alongside your assignment in Cadmus

Endnote does not integrate with Cadmus. However, you can add your references using Endnote by transferring your reference list.

Formatting and images

Cadmus offers basic formatting options. You may also insert images, graphs or tables into your assignment.

Insert image
Click on the camera icon to insert an image into your assignment


While you are connected to the internet, Cadmus will autosave your work every few seconds. You can see the save status of your work in the top right corner, next to the Submit button.

While working online, Cadmus automatically saves your work to the cloud.


Endnote does not integrate with Cadmus. However, you can add your references using Endnote by transferring your reference list.

Submit your Cadmus assignment

Cadmus allows you to preview your work before you submit.

If you are completing a time limited assessment and your time is up, you will be automatically redirected to the submission page.

To submit your assignment:

  1. Click on Submit in the top-right corner.
  2. Your work will appear on the left-hand side of the screen. If you are ready to submit, ensure the submission declaration box on the right-hand side of the screen is ticked. This is the checkbox next to the text that says ‘I declare this work is my own’.
  3. When ready, click Submit as final to complete the submission.

Once you have submitted your work, you will receive a submission confirmation message within the Cadmus interface with your confirmation code. You will also receive an email with a submission confirmation code.

Note on late submissions

Late submissions are enabled within Cadmus; however, you may incur late penalties. This is dependent on the policy applied by your Faculty and Subject Coordinator.

Important: Cadmus does not automatically submit your work when the due date and time has been reached. Make sure you click the Submit button at the top right of the screen, and then click Submit as final at the bottom of the next screen. You will receive a confirmation message in the Cadmus interface and a confirmation email to your student account when you have successfully submitted your assignment.

Submitting your assignment as a draft

Cadmus allows you to submit your work as a draft to be marked by your Subject Coordinator prior to your final submission. Note: this is not a default feature; your Subject Coordinator will choose whether to enable drafts to be submitted.

If drafts have been enabled for your assignment, you will see a Draft Due date under Requirements within the instructions on the left-hand side of Cadmus.

Draft due date
If enabled, the due date for draft submissions is visible within the instructions tab

When submitting your draft assignment to be reviewed, ensure you have the Submit as Draft option selected. After submitting your draft, a Cadmus submission receipt will be sent to your student email.

Submit as Draft
Select Submit as Draft

You may resubmit your draft assignment as many times as you like before the Draft Due Date.

Resubmit your assignment

You may revise and resubmit your assignment as many times as you like before the Cadmus final due date. Once the final due date has passed, you will no longer be able to revise and resubmit your assignment.

To revise and resubmit your assignment:

  1. When viewing the submission confirmation screen in the Cadmus interface, click Continue Editing in the top right of the screen
Continue editing to resubmit
Click Continue Editing to edit your assignment before the due date
  1. When you have finished revising your assignment, click Submit in the top right of the screen.
  2. Confirm the new submission by clicking Resubmit final at the bottom of the next screen.

Turnitin Similarity Reports

Depending on the settings applied by your Subject Coordinator, you may now be able to view your Turnitin Similarity Report.

If you submit before the final due date you may be able to see your Similarity Report immediately, or you may have to wait until either the final due date has passed or your marks have been released for the assignment. This will depend on the settings that your Subject Coordinator has chosen.

If Similarity Reports have been enabled for student viewing, you will see a Similarity Score icon on your submission confirmation screen, with the message "A Turnitin Similarity Report is being prepared for this submission".

Once Cadmus has finished generating your Similarity Report:

  1. Click on View Similarity Report.
  2. You will be taken to Turnitin where you will need to accept the Turnitin user agreement.
  3. Within Turnitin Feedback Studio, you can view your Similarity Score and any text that has been flagged as not your original work.
View Similarity Report
Submission confirmation message with option to view your Similarity Report within Turnitin

Cadmus support

Cadmus has created Student docs designed to help you access, complete and submit your assignment.

If you need help retrieving lost data or you are having technical issues with Cadmus, please submit a support request directly to Cadmus.

If you have any other questions about Cadmus, please contact Student IT.

This guide was last updated 11 Apr 2022.
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