LMS support for staff

Advice for staff about moving to online teaching and learning

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Canvas - Your new LMS

As of Semester 1, 2020, the University is using Canvas as our centrally-supported Learning Management System (LMS).

Learning Environments provides support and resources for staff teaching with Canvas. Here are a few options to get started:

Who can I contact?

Canvas help is available any time with dedicated University of Melbourne 24/7 Canvas support channels, including online chat and phone.

Learning Environments can assist you with further enquiries regarding the LMS and other supported learning technologies. Simply submit a ServiceNow ticket and we will help you as soon as possible.

Online chat with Canvas
Call Canvas on 03 8652 1805
Find your Faculty LMS Representative
Request support from Learning Environments

Guides and support resources

These resources will take you from getting started with Canvas and setting up your subjects, through to communicating with students and providing assessment tasks and feedback.

LMS news, issues and updates

Use our new banner tool to create custom banners that can be added to your subjects within the LMS.

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Blackboard LMS

The following resources are provided in an archived format and will soon be retired.