Turnitin is an online assignment tool that provides 'similarity' checking, allows staff to give curated online feedback, and includes options for creating and managing peer review activities and assignments.

What is Turnitin?

Online assignment submission

Staff can create assignment in-boxes with a variety of options as required, to which Students can submit assignments online, and staff in turn can grade and provide feedback online. Staff can also bulk download assignments for marking offline if required.

Similarity Checking

Some file types submitted to Turnitin (DOCX, PDF, XLSX, PPT) allow Turnitin to generate a similarity report. Turnitin has an web-based text-matching service that works by comparing electronically submitted papers to billions of pages of content located on the internet and proprietary databases as well as the work of other students whose papers have also been submitted to the system. The similarity report can be viewed by students if allowed by the instructor, and can be downloaded and used as part of the information gathered in any potential investigation process.

Turnitin Feedback Studio

The Turnitin Feedback Studio allows staff to mark Turnitin assignments. Instructors can annotate student work directly with comments, and create frequently used banks of comments using Quickmark sets if required. General feedback can be provided in the form of voice or text, and rubrics can be used to provide feedback and grades. Turnitin also allows the option of providing feedback to students without requiring any submission. This can be of use for assessments such as oral presentations where no online submission is required. In these scenarios, staff can use Feedback Studio to give students feedback online and have marks recorded in the LMS. The following guide elaborates on this feature: https://lms.unimelb.edu.au/support/guides/staff/turnitin-assessment-in-the-classroom.

Turnitin Peermark

The Turnitin Peermark tool can be configured to allow students to review each other's work, allocating students a number of their peers' papers to provide feedback on. Feedback options include annotations on the paper itself, response to likert scale questions, and free text questions.

Turnitin and the LMS

Turnitin is a tool integrated with, and can only be accessed through, the LMS. Staff create a Turnitin assignment submission point within the LMS and a list of student names appear automatically in the Assignments Inbox in Turnitin. A Turnitin assignment creates a column in Grade Centre, and marks entered in Turnitin flow to Grade Centre automatically. Students can view their grades in the LMS 'My Grades' area when the Grade Centre column is made available to students, as well as the view the rich feedback given in Feedback Studio by clicking on the assignment submission point after the 'post date' has passed.

Note: LMS Blackboard Assignments are different to Turnitin Assignments. Choosing the best assignment type depends on specific needs. The differences between the two assignment types is outlined in the following article.
For further information about LMS Blackboard assignments, see here.

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