Poll Everywhere

The University of Melbourne provides staff premium access to Poll Everywhere, an online tool that allows users to create and collect responses to activities. Activities can be activated and distributed in a live session and through the LMS.

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an online tool that allows users to create and collect responses to a range of activities. In a live session, participant responses can be collected by displaying a unique Poll Everywhere link belonging to the presenter.

Activities can be created on-the-fly or prepared earlier, and the presenter can control which of their activities are active at any one time. To respond to the poll, participants access the presenter's link using their mobile devices or computers.

Staff can display responses in real-time, allowing for an interactive session between presenters and participants.

Teaching and learning applications

Poll Everywhere can be used in teaching and learning, for example during a lecture, to assess prior knowledge, obtain preferences, or check on student's understanding of concepts as they are taught.

In any style of live session, activities can be displayed from the Poll Everywhere website or embedded in a slideware presentation (PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides). Alternatively, a poll can be used to gather responses outside of a live session by embedding an activity or sharing a URL in an LMS subject, on a webpage or sent in an email.

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Access and licensing

Poll Everywhere utilises single-sign-on. All University of Melbourne staff and students can access Poll Everywhere using their University username and password at polleverywhere.com/login.

Once you have activated your account as a University of Melbourne user, click the 'Activities' tab to start creating activities.

The University of Melbourne provides staff premium access to Poll Everywhere services. This provide access to a full list of Poll Everywhere features including:

  • Unlimited activities and responses
  • Ability to change personal username for custom response URL
  • All available question types including multiple choice, word cloud, text walls, clickable image and ranking
  • Embed activities in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote presentations
  • Grading and live correct answer feedback for applicable question types
  • Reporting and grading with a downloadable 'Gradebook report'
  • Moderation and censoring controls for open-ended polls
  • Countdown timer and auto lock/unlock times
  • Share activities among predefined team/staff members

Support and resources

Poll Everywhere is supported by Learning Environments. Any questions regarding accounts, usage and training can be submitted through the Learning Environments support request form.

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