Poll Everywhere slideware plugins

Add Poll Everywhere activities to your PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slide presentation for a more streamlined presentation.

Poll Everywhere integrates with programs such as PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and Teams on both Windows and Mac operating systems. This supports teaching staff to easily add Poll Everywhere activities to design and present interactive presentations. 

All presentation computers on campus have installed the Poll Everywhere plugin. To use it, simply open your preferred program and log in to the Poll Everywhere app to access your existing activities and create new ones for your presentation. Additionally, install the Poll Everywhere plugin on your own computer.

Install a Poll Everywhere plugin

Install on a University-owned computer

Download Poll Everywhere from the Software Centre on Windows or the Self Service Portal on Mac. Instructions below:

Install on a personal computer

Download Poll Everywhere directly using the links below:

Adding activities to slides

Once the plugin is installed, you can present existing Poll Everywhere activities from within your presentation slides. This gives students and other participants a more streamlined presentation, instead of switching back and forth between your presentation and the Poll Everywhere account webpage.

Please read the inserting activities guide on how you add activities to your presentation slides like PowerPoint, Keynote and Google slides.

Good to know

You can create new activities through the +New activity button in the plugin. However, please note that there are limited configuration options available to you and as such you can only control response settings and set audience restrictions. Moderation settings and the option to test your activity are not available.

It is therefore recommended to create new activities in the Poll Everywhere account webpage before adding to your presentation. Please refer to the create new activities instructions.

For related instructions, please refer to the following Poll Everywhere guides:

Guide Operating systemDescription
Poll Everywhere - PowerPoint for Windows Windows How to insert, present and manage activities in PowerPoint for Windows.
Poll Everywhere – PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac Mac  How to insert, present and manage activities in PowerPoint and Keynote for Mac.
Poll Everywhere – Google Slides Google Chrome How to install, insert and present activities for Google Slides.

This guide was last updated 13 Jun 2024.
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