Getting started with Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is an online tool that allows users to create and collect responses to poll questions or activities.

In a live session (such as a lecture, tutorial or webinar), responses can be collected by displaying a unique Poll Everywhere link belonging to you, the presenter. You can control which activity is available (active) in this link at any one time.

To respond to the activity, students access the link using their laptops or devices. You can choose to display responses in real-time, allowing for an interactive session. Activities can be created on-the-fly or prepared earlier and interspersed throughout a PowerPoint presentation, for example.

Alternatively, activities can be created and distributed directly, without the need for a live presentation. A variety of options are available to Subject Coordinators to send activities and receive responses via the LMS.

Activate your Poll Everywhere account

University staff can create and access their Poll Everywhere account by signing in using a staff email and password at

Log in to Poll Everywhere

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your University of Melbourne staff email address and click Next
  3. Click Log in with University of Melbourne.
  4. You will be directed to the University's Single Sign On (SSO) page. Enter your staff username and password and click Login.
  5. Your Poll Everywhere account will be registered and you will be directed to your Poll Everywhere dashboard.
    Poll Everywhere login page
    Poll Everywhere login page

Create a new poll or activity

A Poll Everywhere activity is a single question or prompt you pose to your audience. There are several types of activities you can create; the Poll Everywhere - Create and manage activities guide describes these in detail.

  • Multiple-choice polls - provide a question and set of answers for students to choose from.
  • Open-ended questions - students can respond with free text, and responses can be displayed in suitable styles such as a ticker, text wall or cluster. Note: we encourage moderation in appropriate circumstances.
  • Q&A - students can use free-text to submit questions or ideas.
  • Rank order - provide a question and set of answers which the students must rank from first to last.
  • Clickable images - upload an image so that students can click on an area in that image as their response.

A survey differs from the above, in that it is a collection of multiple activities presented together. These can be built from scratch or created by grouping previously prepared activities together.

Activities which have correct answers assigned to them (such as multiple choice and competitions) have the potential to be marked using Canvas Gradebook. See how to import course rosters into Poll Everywhere in our Using Poll Everywhere with Canvas guide.

You can keep your activities organised using the Grouping feature in your dashboard. Either create a new group and drag activities into the new area, or select multiple activities and choose Create new group.

Take a look at the following Poll Everywhere guides for more details on creating and managing activities:

Configure, test and present

Once you have created your activity, you will be able delve further into the settings available, test it out, and choose how to present it to your students.

As shown on the screenshot below, you can modify the visual style, configure how the activity behaves, test these settings and then activate or share with others. You can also edit, export or delete the activity from here.

The Poll Everywhere editing screen
A view of the activity editing screen with Configure, Test and Present areas highlighted


How people can respond

  • Website - This is your personal URL (e.g., it will display the active poll as controlled by you through the website or slideshow.
  • Text messaging - This option is not recommended. Some activities cannot be used with text responses.

Audience restriction & identity

  • Who can participate?
    • Everyone - anyone with access to your URL will be able to respond.
    • Restrict to registered participants only - this requires an extra process of registering students, but will record their details with responses. Must be checked to allow for gradebook export.
  • How do you want to identify participants?
    • Auto-generated ID - random system ID or registered name (if participant is logged in)
    • Completely anonymous - once an activity is anonymous, it cannot be changed back. You will not know who, or how many times someone has interacted with the activity.

Response settings

  • Each person may respond... - set a limit to avoid multiple responses
  • Change answer - respondants can change their response while the poll is active
  • Show activity title - visual style can be edited in the activity screen
  • Custom reply message - this is only applicable for text messaging

Schedule lock/unlock times

  • Auto-unlock/lock time - this feature is especially useful for direct linking to activities within the LMS


  • Enable/disable moderation - Without moderation, any audience member or student can respond to free-text activities however they like. Everything appears on screen, in real time – even embarrassing or off-topic responses. With moderation, the presenter sees every response before it appears onscreen, and can give a quick approval before the response goes live.
  • Filter - block or censor profanity (as determined by the system) or emojis
  • Team moderation - provide other staff with a link to moderate your poll while you present


This section provides you with a window to view how your activity looks to respondants. You will be prompted to activate this poll to test the response options. Tip: You can also test your activity by opening your URL in a new browser or private window.


Present from the web

You can use this Poll Everywhere screen to present your activities will logged in to Poll Everywhere.

When you are ready click the Fullscreen icon in the options on the activity to display a nice clean version on screen. Remember to activate your poll to allow participants to respond. Hover over the activity again to display the options to activate/deactivate, show responses or correct answers (if applicable), view the timer, or move through next and previous activities. Press Esc on your keyboard to exit fullscreen mode.


  • Shareable response link - This is a direct link to the poll which can be shared in your LMS subject or by email, for example. Does not require the poll to be active.
  • - this is your personal URL. Use this link to present the poll to a live audience. It always displays the poll that is currently activated.
  • Live results - Displays a live chart with real-time results. Can be shared with other staff or linked to from your LMS subject.
  • Embed poll - Embed this poll using HTML into a webpage or LMS content page. Note: some options are not available in Canvas. See our Using Poll Everywhere with Canvas guide for more information.

For more information on any of these settings, refer to Poll Everywhere's guides:

Use Poll Everywhere with PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides

Poll Everywhere works in PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides and has been installed on presentation computers on campus running Windows, and currently being installed across presentation computers running Mac. Simply open your preferred program and log in to the app to access your current polls or create new polls for your presentation.

In addition to being available on presentation computers campus wide, you can install the Poll Everywhere plugin on your own computer to integrate with PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides.

1. Get the plugin

Install on University-owned computers

Install on a personal computer

Download Poll Everywhere from the Software Centre on Windows or the Self Service Portal on Mac. Instructions below:

Download Poll Everywhere directly using the links below:

2. Add a poll to your slides

Once installed, Poll Everywhere will be available from a new ribbon in PowerPoint, in an application for Keynote, or in a Chrome extension for Google Slides. You will need to go to open Poll Everywhere and log in when prompted so that you can then add polls to your slides or create new polls.

Log in to Poll Everywhere in PowerPoint (Windows view)
Find the Poll Everywhere tab then click on the Log in button (Windows view)

Once you have logged in, you will have access all polls that you have created by clicking on Insert. New polls can also be created using this ribbon.

Insert one of your polls into your presentation
Insert one of your polls into your presentation

3. Present your polls in slides

To have the polls display on screen during a live session, remember the following:

  • The presenter computer must be connected to the internet
  • The presenter computer must have the plugin for PowerPoint installed and be logged in to your account
  • The PowerPoint presentation must be in slideshow view (not the editing screen)

For more information on this feature, refer to Poll Everywhere's guides:

Respond to polls

For information and instructions on responding to polls, see the Poll Everywhere student guide.

Sharing activities with other staff

Poll Everywhere allows for the grouping of users into Teams, as a means to easily share activities and results.

Members of a team will be able to share a group of activities that they have created so that other team members can present the shared activities independently. Only the owner or creator of an activity may share it with others.

Users can see activities shared with their team on the Shared With Me page. All team members may see, present, and run reports on activities that have been shared with them, but cannot edit the activity itself. Any edits made to the original activity by the owner will immediately update for all the users with access.

Please submit a support request to have a Poll Everywhere team created and users added to it.

For more information on this feature, refer to Poll Everywhere's guides:

Poll Everywhere smartphone apps

Having the Poll Everywhere app on your your smartphone or tablet while presenting gives you another option for controlling polls during a live session. It is particularly useful if you wish to moderate responses to free-text polls, activate polls without using a PowerPoint presentation, or create questions on the fly.

Get the smartphone app

Download the Poll Everywhere app from your device's app store or marketplace.

Google Play (Android)

App Store (iOS)

Microsoft Store (Windows)

This guide was last updated 23 Mar 2020.
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