Lecture Capture (Echo360)

The Lecture Capture system records lectures and events in supported venues. Recordings are made available to students as streaming video, via the LMS.

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What is Lecture Capture?

The Echo360 Lecture Capture system records audio and visual content from presentations in over 152 theatres and other supported venues across the University. This service is automatically accessible for centrally timetabled lectures and also available for public events and conferences scheduled using Venue Hire.

Teaching and learning applications

In addition to providing access to scheduled and ad-hoc lecture recordings, Lecture Capture can be used by staff to upload video content as part of their subject materials for students to stream. Presentations can be enriched with interactive activities such as polls, quizzes and media slides in your uploaded presentations and Q&A discussions can be turned on within live lectures or within the recordings.

Students can use the system to anonymously flag ‘points of confusion’ for staff to review, and  to add bookmarks and take study notes during recordings, creating system-generated personal study guides.

Best practice guidelines

To ensure high quality Lecture Capture recordings within a venue:

Access and licensing

Access Lecture Capture for timetabled lectures

Both staff and students can access Lecture Capture using a tool link available in their LMS subject. For information about creating this tool link and making the existing Lecture Capture page accessible to students, please see the getting started guide for staff.

Staff do not need to book recordings for centrally timetabled lectures, and alterations to the timetable will automatically adjust the recording schedule.

Access Lecture Capture for ad hoc bookings

For ad hoc recordings such as public seminars, departmental meetings, conferences and guest presentations, staff must submit a booking request to the Lecture Capture team. Please note, recordings can only be scheduled in Lecture Capture enabled venues.

Once your booking has been processed, a member of the Lecture Capture team will get back to you with confirmation of the recording schedule. Due to the volume of requests received, please provide 10 business days' notice prior to an event to confirm a booking.

Echo360 mobile app

Access your Lecture Capture recordings with the Echo360 app. Available for free for mobile and tablets on iOS, Android, or Windows. The app is supported for all University of Melbourne staff and students.

Help for this app is available on the Echo360 website: quick guide to the mobile apps.

Support and resources

Lecture Capture is supported by Learning Environments. Any questions regarding accounts, usage and training can be submitted through the LMS support request form.