PebblePad is an ePortfolio platform used to develop digital portfolios (ePortfolios) and curate and manage evidence of reflection, learning, assessment and professional development.

What is PebblePad?

PebblePad is a comprehensive ePortfolio platform that can be used to develop digital portfolios of work (ePortfolios), blogs, and customised workbooks across individual subjects or an entire course. Students can share work with each other, with placement supervisors, with the web, and/or submit their portfolios for assessment. PebblePad’s built-in tool ATLAS enables teaching staff to mark and provide contextual feedback inside the digital portfolio or workbook. Both staff and students have access to use PebblePad for their own personal or professional use.

Vendor video: PebblePad in a nutshell.

Teaching and learning applications

As an ePortfolio generation tool, PebblePad can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Digital portfolios to showcase project work or to document an experience
  • Supporting Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and placement activities
  • Supporting competency framework mapping and self-assessment
  • Interactive websites or CVs
  • Blogs and reflective journals.

Access and licensing

Both staff and students have access to use PebblePad through single sign on.

Note that to use PebblePad for assessment purposes within the LMS as part of teaching and learning activities, a link and assessment workspace will need to be set up between PebblePad and the LMS subject

To request PebblePad access for your LMS subject, lecturers/subject coordinators can submit a Learning Environments Support Ticket. You will need to undergo a consultation with a Learning Environments representative as part of this process, to discuss your needs.

Students and staff can continue to access and use their PebblePad account after they leave The University of Melbourne by setting up a PebblePad personal alumni account.

Support and resources

PebblePad is supported by Learning Environments. For assistance, submit a support request and we will get in touch with you. If possible, please contact us with some lead time before your subject launches for us to consult with you and learn about your needs.

For staff members, you may like to bookmark our PebblePad guides for staff.

To discuss ePortfolio practice with academic and professional staff across the University of Melbourne, join the Teams ePortfolio community of practice.