H5P is an easy-to-use tool that allows anyone to develop interactive online content, review activities, games, simulations and more. H5P items can be embedded into LMS pages or shared directly via a URL.

What is H5P?

H5P is an easy-to-use editing platform, which allows anyone to create interactive content and activities, without needing any coding knowledge. With over 40 content and activity types to choose from, the editing platform will suit any skill level.

Teaching and learning applications

Enhance user experience

H5P allows you to enhance your LMS pages to display your content in more digestible ways. For example tools like accordions, image hotspots, and timelines can display information in multiple means allowing students to perceive and comprehend information in different ways.

Create opportunities for practice, review and feedback

This is the most common way to use H5P. Activities such as interactive videos, drag and drop, fill in the blanks and many more allow you to embed review activities within learning content. Reinforce student learning by incorporating clear and helpful instant feedback.

Aid foreign language learning

Many H5P tools are popular among language learning subjects. For example, dialog cards, dictation, audio recorder , and speak the words.

Scaffold assessment

Create templates and exportable documents with the documentation tool.

Live engagement

Facilitate synchronous, whole-class activities and polls with emoji cloud, wordcloud, and multipoll.

Immerse students into a scenario or case-based learning activity

Develop simulations, personalised learning pathways and decision trees by using tools such as course presentations, branching scenarios or virtual tours (360).


Not all H5P content types meet web accessibility standards. This is because H5P started as an open-source community and public users can contribute content. Not all content Is maintained by the core H5P team. See content types recommendations which indicate if the content type is accessible if it is maintained by the core team (more stable) and if the content type has any known browser limitations.

Accessibility of content is also heavily dependent on how you, the author, design and format the content that you add to the H5P content types.

Follow the web accessibility guidelines such as avoiding text in images, adding alternative text to images, and checking for appropriate colour contrasts.

Due to accessibility issues, not all content types listed at h5p.org are available to University of Melbourne users. Should you require a tool that Is not available, please submit a support request.

The following H5P content types are available to University of Melbourne users:

Access and licensing

Getting started

To access your account and content, always do so via unimelb.h5p.com, not h5p.com.

Support and resources

University of Melbourne resources

Vendor guides