Readings Online

Readings Online enables staff to add, organise and control their subject readings and ensures copyright compliance in their subjects.

What is Readings Online?

Readings Online is a service that staff can use to add and manage readings within their subjects. It presents readings in a copyright compliant form. Staff can link to Readings Online in the LMS, providing quick access to all the associated subject readings in one location, in an organised consistent manner.

Readings Online can be used to provide students with access to journal articles, books, book chapters and book excepts, in addition to adding links to websites and other types of materials. The Readings Online collection can also be exported in two different file types and used to:

  • Create bibliographies and reference lists
  • Import them into a citation manager.

Benefits of using the service

  • Provides an easy-to-use, quick access interface for students.
  • Easy reuse of the reading lists in the following years.
  • Enables staff to deliver a consistent experience for students.
  • Provides readings in an accessible format.
  • Provides statistics on student access and use of each reading material.

Teaching and learning applications

Staff can begin exploring Readings Online within Canvas by using their playpen in order to see how it integrates with the LMS. To get started follow the Readings Online user guide.

Any content created in a Readings Online playpen can be migrated to subject spaces by contacting Readings Online.

Direct linking to Readings in the LMS

Direct linking also known as embedded Readings can now be handled in the Readings Online platform eReserve Plus.

To be able to embed your readings into your subject modules in the LMS you must first have an active reading list set up in eReserve Plus. Then just follow the simple process that is outlined in our Readings Online user guide .

Support and resources

Readings Online is supported by the Readings Online team.