Kaltura MediaSpace

MediaSpace is the University’s internal Video Management System solution. This media hosting and sharing platform will enable staff to upload media and create and curate collections of content for sharing and distributing within the organisation.

MediaSpace features and benefits

  • Available for all University staff to use
  • Preserve your media collections in one easy-access platform
  • Manage collections privately, share with individual colleagues, or make available them to an entire department of faculty
  • Collaborate on media collections with colleagues
  • Organise your videos using playlists and content chaptering
  • Reap the benefits of media analytics
  • Take advantage of automatic transcription of media
  • Embed video and other media content on public sites

Why MediaSpace

MediaSpace at the University of Melbourne


  • Who will be using MediaSpace?

    MediaSpace is available for all University staff to access and use. This includes staff who work in events management, academic support services, and the Video and Media Production (VAMP) team.

  • What is the difference between Media Gallery, MediaSpace and My Media?

    Media Gallery - collections of content specific to a subject in Canvas

    MediaSpace - collections of content published on MediaSpace

    My Media - is where any content you own or have been added as a collaborator on can be found (works across MediaSpace and Canvas)

    'My Media' and 'Media Gallery' links can be accessed via the LMS in the Subject navigation menu of every Canvas subject. Staff can use Kaltura via the LMS to create videos and share with students. Kaltura is integrated with the LMS to make creating and using video in teaching and learning an easier and more intuitive experience for both staff and students. Learn more about Kaltura.

  • Should I be using MediaSpace for creating and sharing videos of public lectures and events?

    MediaSpace will be most useful for sharing internal content, but public content will be possible too - mostly for those without existing YouTube accounts or who want to avoid the ads.

  • How can I migrate my media content from other platforms in MediaSpace? (e.g. Vimeo, YouTube)

    You can upload media direction into MediaSpace, but if you have a large collection to migrate, please submit a Service Now request for Learning Environments to assist.

  • How accurate is the automated transcription of media?

    Automatic media captioning is not 100% accurate and will vary based on factors such as audio quality and speaker clarity. Those with an Editor or Co-Editor role can manually and quickly edit captions to ensure accuracy.

  • What are the collaboration options?

    As the media owner, you can change ownership and may add collaborators. Collaborators can be individual people or groups of subject students, subject staff, and faculty staff. These roles include Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, and Co-Viewer.

  • How do I make collections or individual videos available to people external to the University?

    Media can be embedded on public websites.

  • Does MediaSpace replace YouTube?

    MediaSpace doesn't replace YouTube but can be used in situations where you want public channels that don't get interrupted by advertising or the other caveats that come with those sorts of platforms.