Readings Online FAQs

General advice

  • Guidelines
    • For faster access link to online content where possible.
    • Print content should be scanned and supplied as a PDF. Do not upload PDFs obtained through the library databases. Instead, use links to electronic journal articles and eBooks when submitting readings.
    • Avoid using the 'Locate' option when submitting readings as this may delay making your readings available to your students.
    • Add new and roll over existing readings as soon as possible before the start of semester to allow for copyright review.
  • Copyright

    Academic staff are responsible for ensuring that all material used for teaching is copyright compliant. Readings Online software manages copyright compliance on behalf of academic staff and ensures that teaching material complies with the requirements of s113P of the Copyright Act (Cth) 1968, which relates to educational statutory licence provisions.

    Readings Online staff will:

    • Check readings to make sure that they comply with the limits permitted under s113P.
    • Manage the reporting requirements for material used under the statutory licence provisions. If you use Readings Online, you do not need to register your teaching material separately with the Copyright Office.
    • Ensure material is correctly and fully cited. This is a legal requirement under copyright.
    • Ensure that the appropriate copyright warning notices are included on teaching material.

    Readings Online helps the University meet its copyright obligations, while making it quicker and easier for academic staff to make teaching material available to students.

    For more information on using copyright material for teaching, refer to copyright and teaching or contact the Copyright Office.

Subject content

  • How do I find online content for use in Readings Online?

    Online content for Readings Online can be located from many sources. We recommend starting with the Library catalogue or Google Scholar.

  • I want to link to a video, what should I do?

    To link to an online video, go to Readings Online from your LMS subject, and use the Add - new website reading option. For more information see adding individual readings to Readings Online.

  • Can journal articles and book chapters obtained via Document Delivery or Inter Library Loan be used in Readings Online?

    Yes. The articles or chapters will be subject to the same copyright rules as other readings, and additionally must be requested by a staff member involved in the delivery of the subject where they will be used.

  • How can I delete a reading from Readings Online?

    To delete any reading from a reading list, use the red trashcan icon on the right of the reading.

    You will see a warning notice that the reading will no longer be available on the list. To continue, click yes.

  • How can I edit a reading in Readings Online?

    Editing can only be done by Readings Online staff. To request changes to your readings, submit a support request containing your subject code, title of the reading and changes you would like made.

  • Can I link to Harvard Business Review articles and cases in Readings Online?

    Harvard Business Review only allows links to online articles and cases created using their Harvard Business Publishing database for use in Readings Online or the LMS. All teaching staff can access this database and create links for use in Readings Online. There is a guide for teaching staff that will help you with the link creation process.

  • Can I copy my readings from one subject to create a reading list for a different subject?

    You cannot copy a subject's reading list, however you can export a subject's reading list and then import that file into another subject to create a reading list.

    1. To export your readings for a subject see how to export your Readings Online collection to export your readings as a RIS file.
    2. To import this RIS file and create readings for another subject see adding readings to Readings Online using RIS files.
      If you would like to edit the RIS file before importing the readings to Readings Online, import it into your citation manager, edit your readings and then export the readings from there. To import the updated RIS file to a subject in Readings Online see adding readings to Readings Online using RIS files.

Student issues

  • Useful links
  • I'm a student and I can't find Readings Online for my subject. What should I do?

    Readings Online is accessed through your subject in the LMS, via a Readings Online link from the subject menu or content pages. If you cannot find a link to Readings Online, please contact a member of the teaching staff for your subject and confirm with them if they are using Readings Online.

  • I've found a broken link in Readings Online.¬†What should I do?

    If you find a broken link in Readings Online, report the problem by submitting a support request. Please include the following information:

    • Subject code
    • The title of the reading
    • An explanation of the error
    • Screen shots of the page you started on and the error you encountered (if possible).

Browser issues

  • Does Readings Online work with my web browser?

    Readings Online works with the latest versions of the following web browsers.

    For Windows:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Edge.

    For MacOS:

    • Chrome
    • Firefox.
  • Why isn't the Readings Online link in my LMS subject working?

    Accessing Readings Online through your LMS subject page requires internet browsers to have the cookies option enabled. See the following website for instructions on how to enable cookies for your specific browser.