PebblePad alumni account

Staff and students who have an existing PebblePad account at the University of Melbourne have the option to transfer this to a personal PebblePad account after they leave the University.

This allows staff and students to continue developing their ePortfolio on PebblePad for future projects, and to capture ongoing professional and personal development or showcase their achievements for job applications.

Instructions on setting up your PebblePad Alumni account

You do not need to create a personal PebblePad account if you do not want to. Once you leave the University, your Pebble account and all existing content will deactivate.

Disclaimer: You will be able to continue using your personal PebblePad account as long as the University of Melbourne licenses PebblePad, plus an additional three years.


The following link to the PebblePad vendor community website.

This guide was last updated 29 Mar 2022.
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