Poll Everywhere for students

Quick guide for students to access Poll Everywhere and respond to polls

What is Poll Everywhere?

Poll Everywhere is an online tool that can be used to create and collect responses to poll questions or activities. 

Access a poll or activity

Students can use a laptop, mobile device or app to respond to polls and have three options to access activities, as provided by the presenter:

  1. Click on a Poll Everywhere link in your LMS subject (if applicable)
  2. Enter the presenter's unique Poll Everywhere URL into any browser, e.g. PollEv.com/testpresenter
  3. Use the Poll Everywhere app and join a presentation by entering the presenter's username e.g. testpresenter

More information is available in the Poll Everywhere student guide: Responding to questions.

Register your Poll Everywhere account

Depending on how the activity has been created, you may be required to register an account in Poll Everywhere before responding to a poll or activity. It is important that you use your University student email address when prompted to login to Poll Everywhere.

Students are not required to pay for a Poll Everywhere account to respond to activities using a UoM email address.

Poll Everywhere smartphone apps

In addition to accessing a unique PollEv URL in any web browser, students can use a Poll Everywhere app on smartphones and tablets to respond to polls.

Download the Poll Everywhere app from your device's app store or marketplace.

Google Play (Android)

App Store (iOS)

Microsoft Store (Windows)

This guide was last updated 11 Mar 2024.
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