Quiz LockDown Browser student guide

LockDown Browser is a web browser for taking quizzes in Canvas. It prevents going to another URL or accessing other applications during a quiz. If a Canvas quiz requires LockDown Browser, the quiz cannot be taken with a standard web browser.

Please note that laptops are the only acceptable device to bring into the exam venue. Tablets, mobile phones and other digital devices may not be used to take your digital exam.

Introduction to Respondus LockDown Browser for Students

Note on video: we are not using Respondus Monitor, only the LockDown browser. No webcam is used.

Downloading and installing LockDown Browser


Download URL: https://download.respondus.com/lockdown/download.php?id=113132090

This link is unique to the University of Melbourne, only download from this URL.
Do not Google for a download link – it will be the wrong University!

LockDown Browser must be installed on each computer being used for a quiz. Quizzes that require LockDown Browser will have “Requires Respondus LockDown Broswer” at the end of their name.

If you navigate to a Canvas Quiz which requires LockDown browser in a normal browser, it will show as:

Canvas LMS page showing Respondus Lockdown browser required link

Click the link [Download Respondus LockDown Browser], or use the Download LockDown Browser button above. This will take you to the Respondus site to download and install the browser software.


You must be logged in as Admin on your computer to install the software

Install now button for Lockdown Browser

Click the yellow “Install Now” button. This will download the .zip file that contains the install file: .exe for Windows or .pkg for Macs.

If the zip file does not unzip automatically, look in your Downloads folder and double click the file.

The account used for installation must have administrator rights on the computer.

Useful videos:

Taking a Quiz with Respondus LockDown Browser

The LockDown Browser shortcut is in the Windows Start Menu, in the Respondus folder, if you cannot see it, use the Windows Search at bottom left of your taskbar (magnifying glass icon), type LockDown Browser.

On Macs, LockDown Browser is in your Applications folder, you can search for LockDown Browser in Finder at top right of your screen, type LockDown Browser.

  1. Close all other programs before starting LockDown Browser
  2. Click on the LockDown Browser icon to start

Install icon

  1. LockDown Browser may display a pop-up asking to close other applications before continuing. Click on Close Process for each suggested

Close process button in dialogue

  1. LockDown Browser automatically navigates to Canvas Learning Management System
  2. You will be prompted to enter your username and password
  3. After logging into Canvas, navigate to your Subject then Assignments
  4. Find and click the link for the LockDown Browser Quiz, it is name will end with “Requires Respondus LockDown Browser”

Assignment quizzes

  1. Click on Take the Quiz button
  2. Enter the answers, when you are finished the quiz, click Submit quiz
  3. Log out of Canvas
  4. Click X at the top of the LockDown Browser to close the browser.

Taking a practice LockDown Browser quiz

You can take a practice exam to check your LockDown Browser setup. To do this:

  1. Self-enrol in the in the LockDown Browser Test Community.
  2. Once you have enrolled, you can then take a practice LMS Quiz with LockDown Browser installed on your device.

This testing process will prepare you for the exam and ensure that you are ready to use Lock Down Browser confidently during exams.

This guide was last updated 11 Mar 2024.
Please report any errors or omissions in this guide by submitting an LMS support request.

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