FeedbackFruits for students

FeedbackFruits is a suite of learning and assessment tools that facilitate feedback and interaction.

There are a range of FeedbackFruits tools that you may come across in your studies. This page outlines the tools, what they are used for, and where you can locate materials that could help you complete your activities or assignments.

Peer review

Peer review is the process of providing feedback to your classmates on their work. There are two FeedbackFruits tools you could use as part of this process:

  • If Step 2 in the FeedbackFruits interface is ‘Hand in’, you are using FeedbackFruits: Peer Review. This assignment type is used to provide feedback to your peers on essays, podcasts, videos and other artefacts. Depending on how your subject coordinator has designed the activity, you may not need to submit a document in the hand in step.
  • If Step 2 in the FeedbackFruits interface is ‘Give Feedback’, you are using FeedbackFruits: Group Member Evaluation. This assignment type may be used for providing feedback to your peers on oral presentations, poster presentations or other in-class activities. FeedbackFruits: Group Member Evaluation may also have been set up for you to report on how your group members contributed to the final product of a group assignment, or how well your team is working together during group work.

Refer to the following guides for more information about particular types of assignments:

Interactive readings, video and audio

FeebackFruits has three collaborative annotation tools:

  1. Interactive Documents
  2. Interactive Video
  3. Interactive Audio.

The type of annotation tool you use will depend on the type of resource that your subject coordinator has provided. You use these tools to read, watch or listen to a learning resource, answer quiz questions, post discussions and reply to the discussion posts of your teachers and peers.

Refer to the following guides for more information about particular types of assignments:

Assignment review

You may be asked to submit your assignment via the FeedbackFruits Assignment Review tool. Assignment Review facilitates assignment submission and feedback by teaching staff in a similar manner to some LMS assignments. You could be asked to submit a wide variety of file types – check your assignment instructions for which file formats are to be submitted.

For further help see this guide:

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