Microsoft Teams for students

Get started with Microsoft Teams by creating a shared workspace, or joining a Teams Meeting in Canvas.

Microsoft Teams is a software application that you can use to communicate and collaborate with peers on a shared project, or to create a shared workspace. Teams is particularly useful for working together on group assignments, creating study groups, or for other learning activities that require a significant amount of communication and collaboration.

Access and login to Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is available as a desktop app, a mobile app, and online through a web browser.

Students can access the Microsoft 365 Portal to install Microsoft Teams as a part of our student Microsoft 365 apps package.

Enter your University student email. You will then be prompted to sign in with the University SSO (Single Sign On) page. Visit the Multifactor Authentication (MFA) guide for more information.

Login screens
Sign in with your University of Melbourne student credentials

Visit Student IT Software for students for assistance.

Create a new team

As a student, you can join an existing team or create your own team. To create a team:

  1. Within the Teams tab in the global navigation menu, click the Join or create team button in the top-right.
Join or create team button
Click Join or create a team from the Teams tab
  1. On the next screen, click the Create team button.
Click Create a team
  1. In the pop-up window that appears, you can customise your Team by setting a Team name, creating a Description and selecting the Privacy settings.
Create your team window
Enter your Team name, Description and Privacy settings
  1. You can now add members to your team by typing in their email address and clicking Add.
Add members
Add members by typing their email address
  1. Once you finish adding members and click Close, your team will then be created and nested within the Teams tab in the global navigation menu.

Join a Teams Meeting in Canvas

Microsoft Teams Meetings is a video conferencing function that is similar to Zoom. You can access your Team and join a Meeting using the desktop version of the app, or the web-based version.

Your subject may require you to join a Microsoft Teams Meeting from within Canvas. Your teaching staff will create a link to a Microsoft Teams Meeting on any content page in your Canvas subject, and it is from here that you should click on the link to join the meeting.

To join a Microsoft Teams meeting within Canvas:

  1. Log in to the LMS and navigate to the relevant page or content area in your Subject.
    Note: Staff can create a Meeting link within all types of content such as an Announcement, Assignment, Discussion, Page or Quiz. Check with your Subject Coordinator if you are unsure where to find the link.
  2. Click on the Meeting link.
Click on the Meeting link
Click on the Meeting link
  1. Upon opening the link, you will see the page below. Choose whether the Download the desktop app or to Join on the web instead. If you already have installed the Microsoft Teams app you may click Launch it now.
Open the meeting
Choose to Download the desktop app, Join on the web instead, or Launch it now
  1. If you have clicked Join on the web you may not be asked to sign in. However, if you are prompted to sign in, enter your student username and password and click Login.
  2. Choose your settings. You can enter your name and use the toggles to select whether you would like to have your video and microphone switched on or off.
Video and audio settings
Use the toggles to switch video and microphone on or off
  1. Click Join now to join the meeting.
Join now button
Click Join now

This guide was last updated 18 Apr 2023.
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