Staff guides: Kaltura

What is Kaltura?

Kaltura is a Video Management System (VMS) which can be used by staff to create videos and share with students directly through the LMS. Upload, manage, embed, and curate libraries of videos all within your Canvas subject site.

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University of Melbourne user guides

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Automatic transcriptionKaltura has an automatic transcription service.Go
Embedding videos in Canvas LMS Kaltura video files can be displayed within pages in Canvas. Go
Managing media in Canvas LMS My Media stores all your videos in Canvas and is only available to you. These files can then be shared with members of a subject through adding files to the Media Gallery or embedding in Canvas pages. Go
Kaltura – MediaSpace MediaSpace is a media hosting and sharing platform internal to the University that enables staff to upload, create/curate media content. Collaborate with colleagues, create playlists, share and distribute your media across the entire University. Go