Importing the academic integrity module from Commons into your subject

Add the academic integrity module to your subject to implicitly teach academic integrity to your students.

The academic integrity module can be imported into your subject from LMS Commons. This module helps inform your students about the importance of academic integrity when completing open book exams.

To import the module from LMS Commons into your LMS subject:

  1. Log into the LMS.
  2. Click the Commons button in the global navigation menu.
Location of Commons in LMS global navigation menu
Location of Commons in LMS global navigation menu

Commons in global navigation

  1. Type academic integrity in open book exams in the search field.
    Searching Commons for ”academic integrity in open-book exams”
    Searching in commons for ”academic integrity in open-book exams”
  2. Ensure that it is the module created by Academic Skills.
  3. Click on the hyperlinked name of this Module.
  4. Click the Import/Download button on the right.
Location of Import/Download button
Click the Import/Download button
  1. Check the box next to the subjects you wish to import the module into.
    Check the check box for the subjects you wish to import the module into
  2. Click Import into course at the bottom of the subject list.
    Click the Import into Course button
    Click the Import into Course button

    A success message will appear in Commons.

    Import Success message
    Import Success message
  3. Go to the subject you have imported the Commons module into. In the subject the module will appear under the Modules link. You may change the position of this this module in your modules list if you wish.
  4. Let the students know via a subject Announcement that the module is now available and there is also quiz associated with the module for them to complete.

You can edit the content of the module to tailor it to your subject needs.

Students will also be encouraged via various exams communication campaigns to complete the academic integrity module (AIM) in the LMS academic integrity community. This community contains information about academic integrity in digital exams and is also available to students at the academic integrity website. The content in the AIM is very similar to this LMS Commons module mentioned above.

Satisfactory completion of the quiz in either of these academic integrity modules is sufficient for students to acquire skills in this area, however, students may be more motivated to engage with the module if it is located in your subject, and with your encouragement as their subject coordinator.

This guide was last updated 15 Sep 2021.
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