LMS Banner Creation Tool

The LMS Banner Creation Tool allows you to create custom banners that can be added to your LMS subjects.

LMS Banner Tool logo

The LMS banner creation tool allows you to dynamically construct a banner which you can upload into your LMS subject. Once uploaded, the banner will appear at the top of the entry page for the subject. A banner further distinguishes your subject from others and helps students to identify your subject while adding visual appeal.

Example Banner
Example banner

Creating your banner

To create your banner:

  1. In the Header text box, type the first line for your banner text (typically your faculty, school or department or course name).
    [Note: Limited to 50 characters]
  2. In the Subject Code & Name text box, type the second line of your banner text (typically your subject ID and name).
    [Note: Limited to 79 characters and NO angle brackets]
  3. Select a Theme from the pull down menu.
  4. Select the Font Type, Colour and Size.
  5. Click Generate.
    Several banners will be generated, from which you can choose one, download to your computer and upload to your subject.
    [Note: Clicking on the desired image with launch a "Save As" window]

Banners in the LMS do not need to be created with this tool. This tool is provided to make LMS banner creation easier.
You are able to upload your own image to use as a banner, ensuring the image does not breach copyright.

Image recommendations

  • Format: JPG
  • Size: 80 pixels high x 800 pixels wide

Please only use images where you own the copyright or have permission to use the image for this purpose.

Uploading your banner

You can upload a banner to your LMS subject through the following steps-

  1. From the Control Panel in your subject, select Customisation > Teaching Style.
  2. Scroll down to the Select Banner section > Browse My Computer to attach an image to be used as the banner.

The image will appear on the subject entry point page only. If you switch entry point page, the banner will automatically appear on the new page.

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