Feature release: Staff Roles tool

The Staff Roles tool has been developed to provide staff with greater visibility and control over the staff members enrolled in their subjects and communities, and to ensure the data integrity of Subject Coordinators listed in StudentOne.

Staff holding the role of Subject Coordinator, Instructor or Division Representative will now have the ability to add and remove staff members in their subjects and communities using the Staff Roles area, found in the subject menu.

Staff Roles screen
The Staff Roles screen

Benefits of the Staff Roles tool

The team at Learning Environments has developed the Staff Roles tool to provide a better user experience for staff, and to resolve a few technical issues impacting subject management.

  • You can now search for users based on their full name, rather than needing to know their username
  • Instructors can now manage staff members in addition to Subject Coordinators
  • All staff can easily view the list of staff in the subject in the one page
  • When staff are added to a Subject or Community, they are automatically enrolled and do not have to accept an invitation
  • The Staff Roles link is automatically available in the subject navigation menu for all Subjects and Communities and does not need to be enabled

Updates to the Subject Coordinator role

Staff listed as Subject Coordinators for subjects in StudentOne are automatically added to associated LMS subjects with the Subject Coordinator role. This role cannot be added, edited or removed in the LMS.

If there are changes in Subject Coordinators, they must be made in StudentOne in order to be updated in the LMS. Please contact your local Division LMS Representative or Academic Support Officer to initiate these changes.

More information

Please refer to the Staff roles and permissions user guide for more information about the tool including how to add, edit or remove staff, and a comparison of all staff roles.

As always, please get in touch with us if you have any questions, feedback or concerns by submitting a support request.

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