Known issue: Kaltura Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs)

We have identified a critical issue where the grade return of student actions and scores back to the LMS Gradebook from Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) is unreliable due to intermittent syncing errors


There is an issue with pass back of IVQ marks to Canvas where marks are not reliably synched with the LMS Gradebook.


The vendor has been notified about this issue and there is no ETA on resolution at this stage.


We highly recommend that IVQs not be used for summative assessment tasks effective immediately.

IVQs still remain available in My Media and Media Gallery and may be used as formative activities.

Investigations are currently underway to determine the best possible alternative to this tool. Staff are encouraged to contact Learning Environments for advice regarding their specific situation.

If you strictly require the use of IVQ’s at this time, be aware that the marks in Kaltura are accurate, but would need to be manually transposed to the LMS Gradebook.


Please submit a support request with Learning Environments with any questions or concerns.

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