Known issue: Audio and media comments in Speedgrader failing to load

When submitting an audio or media comment to an assignment in Speedgrader, you need to make sure the comment has finished converting before moving on.


Media is currently being converted message

After recording audio or media feedback, Canvas LMS displays a message stating "Media is currently being converted, please try again in a little bit" both when the upload has failed and when the upload has been successful. It can therefore be unclear if the comment will be published or not if this message is shown as the user receives the same message in the event of either outcome.

If it has been successful, the message will disappear and you will be able to begin playback of the comment, which indicates that it has been fully uploaded and you are able to safely navigate away from the recording screen.


The vendor has been advised, and is advising that this is expected behaviour. A feature request has been raised to modify this.


If you are shown “Media is currently being converted, please try again in a little bit” more than 24 hours after making the comment then it’s likely the upload has encountered an issue.

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