College tutors and LMS access

College tutors' use of the LMS is governed by policy approved by Academic Board, through which college tutors have access to the LMS at a student-view level and must confirm compliance with University statutes, policies and procedures.

The Academic Board has endorsed a policy to ensure a consistent approach to access to LMS websites for tutorial staff associated with the University's Colleges and Halls of Residence. The approach applies to all undergraduate subjects offered at the University and, where a graduate school chooses to opt in, to subjects located administratively in the graduate school.

The College tutorial system is an established feature of the academic programs of the colleges and Halls of Residence affiliated with the University. College tutorials serve four primary functions:

  1. To help students understand subject material and to clarify important or difficult concepts.
  2. To help students broaden their perspective on subject materials.
  3. To provide a tutor-led common interest group for a subject in which students can gain support and discuss issues relevant to a subject.
  4. To help in special circumstances such as a lack of basic study skills, note-taking, lack of background information, language difficulties, etc.

College tutors will be provided with a student level of access to LMS subject sites under a formal arrangement managed between Heads of Colleges and the Office of the Provost and enabled centrally by the Academic and Learning Systems Support team on receipt of advice from colleges.

All College tutors are required to confirm compliance with relevant legislation and University statutes, policies and procedures before accessing LMS subject sites. Subject coordinators may seek advice from the Learning Environments team on any concerns about managing this access at subject level.

Full paper regarding Enabling LMS access for College tutors is available for download.