Checklist: Building and launching your LMS subject

Use this checklist to make sure you have covered off all key areas when building your LMS subject this semester, and that it is ready to publish to students.

This checklist has been updated for Semester 2, 2021.

Use this checklist to:

  • Guide you through building your subject in the LMS
  • Check you have reviewed and finalised the key areas and settings required for your LMS subject
  • Ensure your LMS subject is ready for launch at the beginning of the semester

You can either:

Get started with the LMS

Training and professional development

We recommend completing the following training options to suit your needs and availability.

Access your current Subjects and Communities

Build and update your subject


Assessment and feedback

Lecturing online



For best student experience, we strongly recommend providing subject content directly in pages rather than uploaded files.

Check your content and settings


Ally is a tool that assesses the accessibility of your content on the LMS and provides guidance for improving its accessibility rating. Ally also has the ability to provide students with alternative formats of your LMS content. Students will never see the speedometer or accessibility rating of files in your subject or community. See Making your subject content accessible using Ally for more information.

Preview with Student View

The following should be checked using Student View within your subject. See the Canvas Community guide How do I view a course as a test student using Student View? for more information.

Mobile app

Make the subject available to students

Student enrolment and management

Publish the subject

In order for students to have access to a subject in the LMS, the subject must be published. The automatic publishing of Subjects is managed by LMS Division representatives. Subjects are typically published at 10 am 10 days before the start date as recorded in StudentOne. Staff with the role of Subject Coordinator or Instructor can publish the subject any time.

Further support

Canvas support

  • Visit Canvas guides for step by step guides
  • Visit Canvas FAQ's for answers to common questions
  • In Canvas  technical support: Click Support in the global menu to access 24/7 Canvas support, guides, and more.

Learning Environments support

For guidelines on the development of online components for subjects read the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Framework.

This guide was last updated 13 Jul 2021.
Please report any errors or omissions in this guide by submitting an LMS support request.

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