Subject publication and auto-publish management

Subjects in the LMS are automatically published in time for standard and non-standard teaching periods. Read more about the Subject Publication process, how you can opt-out, and learn how to manually publish and unpublish subjects, when needed.

How are subjects published in the LMS?

Subjects are automatically published in the LMS 10 calendar days at 10am before the recorded start date in StudentOne. This is across all standard and non-standard teaching periods. Excluded subjects and subjects removed from the auto-publication process, might require manual publication as needed.

System generated pre-publication notification emails are sent to Subject Coordinators and Instructors, 17 calendar days before the subject start date, which lists eligible subjects and clearly communicates the scheduled publication date. Post-publication notification emails are sent once subjects are published in the LMS as confirmation.

Faculty Representatives have access to the Auto Publish Management tool, which allows them to oversee the publication schedule and offers flexibility to opt-out subjects from auto-publishing in bulk and as requested by Subject Coordinators.

Excluded subjects

Merge Subjects and Communities are excluded from the auto-publish process and must be published manually by the Subject Coordinator. For instructions, please refer to how do I manually publish and unpublish subjects? below.

Other exceptions include subjects that:

  • Have no recorded start date in StudentOne

Important: Start date must be in StudentOne. Do not change start dates in the LMS

  • Have no staff enrolment
  • Have no student enrolment
  • Have been opted-out
  • Are concluded
  • Are Playpens, Course Groupings (subjects starting with “CRS_”), Special Courses and Blueprint Subjects.

Opt-out subjects from the auto-publication process

Subjects listed on the pre-publication notification email can be removed from the auto-publication process via the Auto Publish Management tool.

Please advise your LMS faculty representative, if you wish to opt-out one or multiple subjects. Please provide them with the full LMS subject code (for example: ABCD12345_2021_SM1) for each subject you wish to opt out from the auto publication process.

Important note:

  • Subjects should be opted-out within the 7 calendar day period of receiving the pre-publication notification email and the scheduled publication date.
  • If subject(s) did not get opted-out in time, Subject Coordinators can still manually unpublish.
  • Subject Coordinators may manually publish subjects that were opted-out.

To get ready to launch the subject, we recommend Subject Coordinators to use the building and launching your LMS subject checklist.

What do I communicate to my students?

Students may be aware that their enrolled subjects become available 10 calendar days before the start date. However, it is recommended that teaching staff post a welcome announcement advising students that their subject is available in the LMS.

How do I manually publish and unpublish subjects?

There are a few ways in which Subject Coordinators can publish a subject:

  • In the Subject Home page
    1. Open the Subject in the LMS.
    2. Click on Home in the Subject Navigation menu.
      The Subject Status option display on the top right of the page.
    3. Click Publish or Unpublish.

    Screenshot of Canvas Home

  • On the Dashboard

    You can publish subjects on the Dashboard. Click the Publish button on the subject card.
    Note: You cannot unpublish subjects on the Dashboard.

    Canvas dashboard subject tile

Where can I find published and unpublished subjects in the LMS?

You may find published and unpublished subjects on your LMS Dashboard and via the Subjects tile in the Global Navigation list. This opens the Subjects panel which displays Published and Unpublished subjects.

Tip: To view all subjects, click the All Subject hyperlink at the very end in the panel.

Help: If you do not have access to a subject you are teaching, contact the Subject Coordinator listed in the Handbook, or your LMS faculty representative.

Canvas navigation displaying Subjects link

How do I publish and unpublish content in subjects?

Please refer to How do I publish content in my subject in LMS FAQs.

This guide was last updated 13 Jun 2024.
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