Video assignments

Create an assignment requiring students to upload a recorded video, such as an ice-breaker, oral presentation or performance.

Create a video assignment

To create assignments allowing for submission of videos, simply create a new assignment in your Subject, and choose Online under Submission Type.

Create a new assignment
Create a new Canvas assignment

In the submission type settings, there are three Online Entry Options that can be used depending on your submission requirements. All three options include the standard comment field that accompanies assignment submissions, and do not count towards the file storage limit for the student or the subject.

  • Text Entry allows students to copy and paste, or type into a rich content editor where they can edit and format their assignment. Students can embed recorded videos and files with a maximum size of 500MB per file.
  • Media Recordings allows students to immediately record one video from their webcam, or upload one file with a maximum size of 500 MB.
  • File Uploads allows students to upload multiple media files with a 5 GB size limit.
Options for online submissions in Canvas assignments
Options for online submissions in LMS assignments

Further information

Please refer to the following Canvas Community guides for more information:

Creating assignments

Viewing and marking assignments

Submitting assignments

Can I still use Kaltura to create a video assignment?

Unfortunately, a Known Issue has been identified with Kaltura Video Assignments and Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQs) which affect their reliability syncing grades back to the LMS when used for assessment purposes.

Staff are strongly advised to not use Kaltura Video Assignments or IVQs for summative assessment tasks at this time.

If you are using Kalura for video assignments, IVQs, or have any questions about Kaltura, please submit a support request for further advice.

This guide was last updated 15 Oct 2021.
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