Known issue: Subjects require manual resync to update Section enrolments

We have encountered an ongoing issue where Section enrolments are no longer updated if a subject's date settings have been edited. If this occurs, a manual resync must be applied to update Section enrolments from Allocate+.


A custom integration populates Section enrolments using student timetable data in Allocate+. This feed is no longer being updated for subjects that do not have an end date, or use ‘Term’ dates instead of ‘Subject’ dates. This is because the integration incorrectly interprets a null end date as the subject being finished. The integration does not process Allocate+ enrolments for subjects that have finished.


The integration team is aware of the issue.


Staff should refrain from editing the dates applied in the subject settings page until enrolment movements in timetabled classes have settled down or wait until after census date.

If your subject is missing enrolments or the enrolments are not up to date, please check your subject Settings page, and set Participation to Subject and set an End Date, then contact support to request a refresh of enrolments.

Subject dates for Semester 2, 2022
Subject dates for Semester 2, 2022


Please submit a support request with Learning Environments to request a manual resync of Section enrolments, or if you have any further questions or concerns.

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