FeedbackFruits in the LMS

FeedbackFruits is available in all LMS subjects for the use of Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation assignments.

The following FeedbackFruits tools are now available in the LMS:

  • Peer Review Assignment - structures the process of students reviewing works submitted by other students.
  • Group Member Evaluation Assignment - structures the process of students giving feedback about other group members.
  • Assignment Review - facilitates an open dialogue between student and teacher following the submission of written work, audio or video files.
  • Interactive Document, Interactive Audio and Interactive Video Assignments - structures the process of analysing, discussing and reviewing written documents, audio files or podcasts, and videos.

Important: Only copyright compliant materials can be used with FeedbackFruits Interactive Document/Audio/Video. See the copyright guidelines for using published materials in LMS activities for instructions on how to determine if a resource can be used with FeedbackFruits.

Further tools are available in FeedbackFruits, such as Comprehension and Skill Feedback. Visit the FeedbackFruits Tool Suite for more information. These tools can be added individually to your subject by request; please contact Learning Environments to discuss these options.

Create a FeedbackFruits assignment

  1. Go to Assignments in your subject menu and create a New Assignment.
  2. For Submission Type select External Tool from the drop down menu.
Using Submission Type to select External Tool from the drop down menu
  1. Select Find and a pop-up window will appear, you can select the various FeedbackFruits types from the menu.
  2. A FeedbackFruits pop-up screen will appear, and if it is your first time linking the subject it will ask for authorisation.
  3. Click Get Started to set up your FeedbackFruits assignment. Once you have set up your FeedbackFruits assignment information click Save.
  4. Click on Instruction Video if you wish to view instructions on how to set up FeedbackFruits assignment.

  5. You will then be returned to the Assignment screen where you can press Select.
  6. Complete the rest of your assignment information and press Save or Save and Publish.

This guide was last updated 11 Jun 2021.
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