Advice for staff and students around University of Melbourne licensing of Gradescope and data collection

For the advice of University of Melbourne staff and students, the University's licence agreement with Gradescope contains variations that amend the standard Gradescope Terms of Service (ToS).

The standard Gradescope ToS are available to view on their website, Gradescope: Terms of Use.

These variations to the standard ToS include changes that have the effect of:

  1. Providing a mechanism to require Turnitin (the owners and licensors of the Gradescope product) to delete data submitted via Gradescope at the University’s request;
  2. Limiting the right of Turnitin to use the data submitted via Gradescope to that solely required for the purposes of performing and supporting the service they are providing to the University;
  3. Permitting Turnitin to use the data themselves only in an aggregated and anonymized form; and,
  4. Always in compliance with applicable law.

If there are any concerns as to the above, please contact Learning Environments or Student IT.

This guide was last updated 15 Dec 2020.
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