Known issue: Grades and comments can be overwritten or cleared when more than one person is marking in SpeedGrader

When more than one person is grading, the submissions can be overwritten, leading to the loss of grades and comments.


SpeedGrader is designed for one instructor role to grade submissions at a time. Multiple users should not grade assignments at the same time since each grader cannot view the most recent information for a submission due to how SpeedGrader data is loaded and stored in the browser. These updated grades will also impact the Gradebook.

This also applies if you have the same assignment open in more than one tab or window.


The vendor has been advised, and has confirmed, that this is expected behaviour. A feature request to enable more than one user to grade concurrently has been raised.


We do not have a technically confirmed workaround. Please attempt to coordinate marking activities with other teaching staff in your subject.

It is also important to save your work frequently by exiting SpeedGrader and re-entering to ensure you have the most recent copy of the grading data.

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