The sub-account admin role

The sub-account admin role is an administrative user role in Canvas that has been created for the use of LMS Faculty Representatives and Faculty-based support staff as a way to ensure all Department, Faculty and School Subjects and Communities are created and administered correctly in the LMS.

This Canvas admin role is provided to a limited number of specialist administrative staff who support the academics managing LMS subjects. The role is added to a user’s Canvas account and must be requested by submitting a support request by, or with the endorsement from, the existing local LMS Faculty Representative.

All staff requesting this role will be required to submit a user agreement before Learning Environments enacts the request.

All further information relating to this role, as well as how-to guides for the administration processes and procedures available to users with the Sub-Account Admin role, can be found in the sub-account admin user community in the LMS. This community is made available to all users requesting access to the role by submitting a support request to Learning Environments.

This guide was last updated 07 Feb 2023.
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