Known issue: Lecture Capture links not working for some subjects

We are currently experiencing an issue with the process that automatically links the LMS to its respective Lecture Capture section automatically. Some subjects in the LMS need to be manually linked to the correct Lecture Capture section to allow students to access content hosted in Echo360.


The process that automatically links LMS Subjects with the appropriate Lecture Capture section is not providing the correct detail for the automatic linking to occur.

Staff will only see the option to create or modify the link, and students will see an error.


Both the Lecture Capture and timetable integration vendors are aware, and are working with Learning Environments toward identification of the cause.


An daily integration has been applied to update affected links across 2022 subjects.

If you are still experiencing the error, please follow the instructions to manually configure the Lecture Capture link and report the affected subject to us as noted below.


Please submit a support request with Learning Environments or the Service Centre for assistance, quoting PRB0041114 to help staff identify and resolve the issue quickly.

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