Known issue: Lecture Capture (Echo360) access issues in Safari

The Echo360 team have identified a bug with the latest version of Safari that prevents users from accessing the Lecture Capture system.


Issues have been identified with recent versions of Safari, including Safari 12.1 and Safari 13.0.4 on Catalina and Mojave that are causing the Safari third party cookies toggle to not function properly. This is preventing Safari users from accessing Lecture Capture content embedded in Canvas.


Apple have announced they are currently working on a fix in Safari.

Update: Safari users will see now a warning message when attempting to access Lecture Capture in the University of Melbourne Canvas LMS.

Recommendation and workaround

Staff and students should use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox until a fix is announced and published in an updated version of Safari.


Please submit a support request to Learning Environments with any questions or concerns.

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