Known issue: Quiz and exam essay answers submitted in foreign language

When students have a translate browser extension or add-on enabled, the answer(s) typed in English are translated into the selected language. The answer is then submitted in this language


There have been a number of quiz submissions where student essay responses have been automatically translated to another language. Students confirmed they answered in English and were unaware of the issue until after grades have been posted by teaching staff.



This has been confirmed as caused by browser and extension settings and is not vendor related. We are engaging with the vendor to determine if any additional preventative measures are appropriate.


We recommend students disable any translate extensions and/or add-ons during quizzes and exams.


Turn off translate extensions by following these steps.


Disable any translate add-ons by following these steps.


Turn off an extension by following these steps.


Turn off extensions by following these steps.


Please submit a support request with Learning Environments or the Service Centre for assistance, quoting PRB0041182 to help staff identify and resolve the issue quickly.

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