Feature update: Rich Content Editor enhancements

The placement of the External Apps (plug-in) icon in the Rich Content Editor toolbar has moved, and the menu bar now displays to all users by default.

External Apps icon has moved

The External Apps (plug-in) icon has been moved to the Media section of the toolbar, which also includes the Links, Images, Media, and Document icons. This makes the icon less likely to be hidden on small screens.

External Apps icon placement
External Apps icon placement

Menu bar now displays by default

The Rich Content Editor Menu displays above the toolbar by default for all users. Previously the menu could only be accessed from the keyboard shortcut modal. The menu includes additional options not included in the toolbar and more easily displays those options as part of the editor’s functionality.

Note: All options included in the toolbar are included in the menu.

Menu bar visibility
Menu bar visibility

For more information about this feature, see the Canvas Community guides:

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