Feature release: Enrolment Change Log

The Enrolment Change Log allows staff to view a record of students as they enrol or withdraw from their Subject in the LMS.

This custom-developed tool can be accessed from the Enrolment Change Log link in the subject menu and has been made available automatically in all Subjects and Communities.

Enrolment Change Log
Enrolment Change Log tool

In addition to showing enrolment changes, the Enrolment Change Log tool displays student and staff movement between Sections within the Subject.

This tool is only visible to Subject Coordinators, Instructors and Division Representatives.

Along with this new tool, we have also made changes to the way students are represented in Class Allocation Sections in Subjects. Instead of being made ‘inactive', students will now be removed from Sections that they are no longer allocated to. These changes will ensure that class numbers in both the Sections and People pages correctly reflect the number of active students in that Section.

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