Tips for getting started in Semester 1, 2018

Be prepared for the start of semester

Use our handy LMS checklist to make sure you have covered off all areas when setting up your subject this semester.

Subject availability

Subject coordinators can make their subject available or unavailable any time by updating the subject availability setting: Control Panel >> Customisation >> Properties >> Make Subject Available = Yes or No

At 10am on Friday 16 February 2018, all Semester 1, 2018 (2018_SM1) and year-long (2018_YRL) subjects will automatically be made available to students in the LMS.

At the same time, all Semester 2, 2017 (2017_SM2) previous year-long (2017_YRL) will automatically become unavailable to students in the LMS.

Subjects in other 2018 teaching periods (e.g. 2018_JUL or 2018_TM3) or MERGE_2018 subjects, will not be automatically made available and will require subject coordinators to make the subject available at the appropriate time.

Student enrolments

To display a list of currently enrolled students or see the history of enrolment changes go to Control Panel >> Users and Groups >> Enrolment List (or Enrolment Changes).

The enrolment list is updated automatically using information directly from the student enrolment system (StudentOne) and cannot be manually changed in the LMS. Please allow time for changes to be carried through to the LMS once the student's enrolment is updated in StudentOne.

Add or remove other staff

Subject Coordinators can can add additional staff members to their subject in appropriate teaching and support roles including Coordinator, Tutor, Designer or Marker. View the current list or add staff from Control Panel >> Users and Groups >> Staff Roles. More information about this tool can be found in the Staff management guide.

Student Preview

You can check that your subject is being presented to students as expected using the Student Preview function. This function can also be used to test some tools such as Blackboard Assignment submissions, tests, wikis and discussion boards. Student Preview is available to staff even if the subject is not yet available to enrolled students. Take a look at the Student Preview guide for more information.

Staff can present teaching material on the LMS subject to statutory licenses.  Copyright issues arise most commonly when staff:

  • make book chapters or journal articles available online
  • open a subject to non-university persons, i.e. external users or guests
  • ask students to contribute to blogs, wikis or discussion forums if there is a possibility that these contributions will be re-purposed.

LMS-specific copyright information is available from the Copyright Office. You can also contact Readings Online for assistance with giving your students access to online resources in compliance with copyright.

Most file permission settings are carried forward when the subject is copied forward, that is, a file stored in the 2017 instance of a subject folder will have been copied forward to the 2018 subject folder with its permissions intact.

You should also check all external links to ensure that they are still available and the content has not changed unexpectedly.

Update copy-forward subjects

Previous blog, wiki, discussion board or other collaborative tools will have been transferred during the subject copy-forward process. Ensure that previous student contributions (e.g. blog posts, wiki pages or discussion forums) are not visible to new cohorts of students (in compliance with copyright guidelines) by following the steps in our subject copy forward page.

If you require assistance removing content or determining if your subject contains old student content, please submit a support request.

Subject design and setup

If this is a new subject or you are teaching it for the first time take a look at the options that are available in setting up your subject.

Archiving a subject

Subject coordinators are advised to archive their LMS subjects when:

  • significant development has occurred in the subject, or
  • all students have submitted their assignments, or
  • all content is to be cleared out of the subject.

Archiving is a resource-hungry activity. If your subject contains a significant number of large resources (especially videos), or if you need to archive several subjects, please submit a support request. We can arrange for the archive to be created for you in a way and time that will minimise impact on system performance.

LMS training events and guides

Workshops and training

LMS workshops are held throughout the year and customised sessions for department groups can be arranged by request. The schedule is posted online and enrolments are managed through Themis.

Start of semester drop-in sessions

Do you have an LMS question you would like to talk about with an expert? Before the beginning of each semester, the Learning Environments team provides dedicated drop-in sessions to work through LMS issues and ideas with you. Come along, have a cup of tea and let us help you get your subject ready for teaching. No bookings are required.

Drop-in sessions for Semester 1, 2018: Monday 19th February to Friday 23rd February, 10am to 12pm each day in Room G17, Elisabeth Murdoch building.


More information about LMS tools and functionality can be found in our guides for staff and students.