LMS banner creation tool

This tool allows you to dynamically construct a banner which you can upload into your LMS subject. Once uploaded, the banner will appear at the top of the entry page for the subject. A banner further distinguishes your subject from others and helps students to identify your subject while adding visual appeal.

To create your banner:

  1. In the Header text box, type the first line for your banner text (typically your faculty, school or department or degree name).
    [Note: Limited to 50 characters]
  2. In the Subject Code & Name text box, type the second line of your banner text (typically your subject ID and name).
    [Note: Limited to 79 characters and NO angle brackets]
  3. Select a Theme from the pull down menu.
  4. Select the Font Type, Colour and Size.
  5. Click Generate.
    Several banners will be generated, from which you can choose one, download to your computer and upload to your subject.
    [Note: Clicking on the desired image with launch a "Save As" window]

Thanks to Paul Andonov (TLU, Faculty of Economics and Commerce), June Xue (TLU, Faculty of Economics and Commerce) and Josella Rye (Learning Environments) for the work done on this tool.