Teaching with the LMS

Subject design

LMS subjects and communities are provided with a basic default template which is fully customisable. As subject coordinator, you can customise the subject by adding or removing items from the subject menu, adding and removing items from content pages, changing the default entry point, changing the colour scheme (animated guide) and/or adding a subject banner.

Many subjects are taught from year to year so you may be starting with a copy of the previously taught materials inside your subject. It is important to check all material for compliance with the University's copyright obligations, as well as reviewing the relevance, availability and currency of the material, especially if adaptive release rules have been used.

Subjects on the LMS must show certain features (as defined in the LMS framework):

To increase the online depth of the subject, staff can upload class files such as handouts and Powerpoint slides, as well as adding features such as a link to the subject's Readings Online, links to relevant YouTube and Flickr material, various AVI files and links to external sites. For more assistance with developing the structure of your teaching in the subject, you can access resources and professional development at the University's Centre for the Study of Higher Education.

You can also consult the University's expert eLearning teams.

By default, an LMS subject is not visible to enrolled students until a staff member of the subject makes it available for student access, or it is automatically made available on a specified date prior to the beginning of semester. A subject can be returned to 'unavailable' if necessary.

Mobile app

Blackboard Mobile Learn provides fast, simplified access to the LMS, enabling users to check announcements, view content, and post to discussion boards, among other actions. The Blackboard Mobile App has different functionality from the browser version. For advice on how to prepare your subject for mobile viewing, please review the Blackboard Mobile guide or contact the helpdesk.


Step-by-step guides

Animated guides

LMS workshops

LMS subject banner creation tool

The LMS subject banner creation tool provides access to a bank of photos, styles, colours and fonts enabling you to construct a banner which you can upload into your LMS subject. Once uploaded, the banner will appear at the top of your subject's entry page (the default entry setting is the Announcements page). It is also possible to create your own banner using your own images; see the Subject – Setting up guide available from the LMS index of guides for details of how to do this.