Enrolling in LMS workshops

All LMS workshop enrolments are maintained through Themis and will be noted in your Themis HR training record.

If you are currently waiting for your Themis account to become active (i.e. new starter with the University) and would like to attend an upcoming workshop, please submit a support request and we will enable your enrolment.

Note that Themis enrolments will close two working days before the start of the workshop. Please submit a support request if enrolments have closed or are full due to maximum capacity.

Themis Enrolment Process

  1. Review the scheduled workshops on the Workshops and Events webpage. This schedule will be updated periodically throughout the year.
  2. Click on the Enrol button next to the title of the workshop you are interested in (e.g. Essential Elements). A new window will open.
  3. You may be prompted to log in to Themis. Enter your staff username and password then click Login.
  4. A page with all available sessions for the specific workshop you have selected will display. Select your preferred session and click the Enrol icon .
Example of available sessions for the LMS Essential Elements workshop in Themis
Example of available sessions for the LMS Essential Elements workshop in Themis
  1. On the next screen, complete the Enrolment Details section as appropriate, then click Next.
  2. Check the session details are correct on the summary screen, and enter comments to your approver if required. Click Submit to forward your enrolment request to our team.
    Your enrolment status will be updated to Request Forwarded to Training Unit and you will receive an automatic confirmation email from Themis.

Important note about enrolment confirmation:

Please note that the automatic email received from Themis does not signify that your place has been confirmed for that workshop. If you are successful in getting a place in the workshop, you will receive another email with your Enrolment Status updated to Enrolment Confirmed.

An email from the LMS training coordinator will be sent to individuals with confirmed enrolments before the workshop runs. This email will include a brief description of the workshop and location details.

You will receive an email from the training coordinator one or two business days before the workshop begins.  This email will confirm your enrolment and provide a brief description of the workshop as well as location details.

Individuals who attend an LMS workshop will have their status in Themis updated to Attended within two working days after the conclusion of the session.

This guide was last updated 19 Sep 2018.
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