LMS known issues

Information about currently identified issues with the LMS.

You can also check if your issue has been resolved.

  • Sender of Announcements receiving multiple emails


    In larger subjects and communities on some occasions, the person that creates an announcement receives multiple copies of the email for the one announcement. Only the sender of announcements receives the multiple emails.


    This is a known issue with the LMS. It is confirmed that the potential for a few additional duplicate emails only affects the sender, they don’t represent anything wrong with the transmission to a large cohort, consequently we suggest these duplicates are just ignored or deleted by the recipient.

  • Community access is lost when student withdraws from one subject feeding into a community


    Some communities are set up with ‘community merge’ functionality whereby students are automatically enrolled into a particular community because of their enrolment in a given list of subjects. Community access is lost when student withdraws from one subject feeding into a community, even though they are still enrolled in another subject that should give them access to the community.

    The University is working with the vendor to fix the functionality of the ‘community merge’ tool.


    If students report that they have lost access to a ‘community merge’ community, staff should submit a support request for the student’s enrolment to be updated for that community.

  • Students Wiki pages edits limited to 100kb


    Students are unable to edit wiki pages to a size above 100kb. When a student clicks ‘submit’ to make edits to a wiki page and the wiki page size exceeds 100kb, the student receives an error message, "Must not contain more than 200000 characters: Content. Reduce the size of the input by xxx characters.” The student must then edit the page to be under 100kb characters before they can click submit and save their changes to the wiki page.

    The University has been working with the vendor on this issue who are now developing a patch to resolve the issue.


    The student can move some content from the wiki page to a new wiki page, so that the page does not exceed 100kb.

  • Unable to edit feedback comments in Turnitin (intermittent)


    When clicking on a comment in Turnitin Feedback Studio, the edit window does not open. This issue is intermittent and has been identified as occurring in Chrome only.  


    Closing the student paper being edited and re-opening it will restore user’s ability to edit comments. 

    Additionally, until this issue is resolved, we recommend using Firefox or Safari when grading Turnitin assignments.

  • Turnitin iPad app does not load assignments with more than 300 submissions


    If using the Turnitin iPad app (at version 1.3.0) the page will not load, and the wait icon spins endlessly, for assignments with more than 300 submissions.

    Some earlier versions of the app show an error: "GradeMark Unavailable - Turnitin for iPad cannot be used for this assignment because GradeMark is currently unavailable for this class."


    Use a desktop or laptop computer with full browser capability to mark the Turnitin assignment.

  • Blackboard assignments: Delegated and anonymous grading options


    There are known issues affecting particular combinations of the new anonymous and/or delegated grading options that may affect grade centre display.  


    We do not recommend using using these options at this time. Please see the anonymous and delegated grading guide for more information.

  • Java-based applets fail in Chrome


    The Chrome browser is removing support for tools that use the NPAPI system. In Blackboard, this includes drag-and-drop file upload, Virtual Classroom, Chat, and some older SCORM objects.


    Versions of Chrome up to 45 (due in September 2015) can have this feature re-enabled. Users can also use a different browser for these tools. 

    There is currently no time-frame for these issues to be fixed in Blackboard.