Kaltura: How to submit a video assignment in Canvas LMS

Kaltura is the University-endorsed Video Management System (VMS) and is the recommended way to submit video assignments in Canvas.

You may be asked to submit a video as an assessment piece to a Canvas Assignment. Kaltura is the recommended way to submit video to an assignment. Kaltura is the University endorsed Video Management System and integrates with Canvas.

As a student you have your own My Media area in Canvas which will store any videos you have uploaded to Kaltura. It is a personal searchable repository for viewing and managing your private media content. Media content can include video files, audio files or image files. Your media items within My Media may be added to a subject when you take part in a subject Discussion or when submitting to a text entry box Assignment.

This guide explains how to submit a Kaltura video to an Assignment.

Uploading your video submission

  1. Go to subject navigation: Assignments
  2. Click on the Assignment in the list to which you are to submit your video assignment
  3. Click Submit Assignment
    Figure 1: The Submit Assignment button
    Figure 1: The Submit Assignment button
  4. Click the More external tools icon in the toolbar, then select Embed Kaltura Media from the dropdown options.
    Figure 2: Embed Kaltura Media link
    Figure 2: More External Tools icon displays the Embed dropdown
  5. If your video already exists in My Media, scroll to the video and click </> Embed and then go to step 12

    OR If you need to upload the video, Click the + Add New button and then Media Upload

    Figure 3: Media Upload button
    Figure 3: Media Upload button
  6. Either Drag and Drop your file into the box or click + Choose a file to upload and navigate to your file
  7. Change the name for the video if desired
  8. Optional: Enter a text description for the video
  9. Optional: Add some Tags to aid searching for your video later in your My Media

    Note: If you have any text that accompanies the video assignment, do not input it here

  10. Click </> Save and Embed
    Figure 4: Save and Embed button
    Figure 4: Save and Embed button

    You will be returned to the window for the Assignment submission and your video will be displayed in a video player in the text entry box.

  11. Add any text accompanying your video submission to the text box
    Figure 5 Adding text to your video submission
    Figure 5 Adding text to your video submission
  12. Click Submit Assignment

    Once you've successfully submitted, you will see the below screen which will give you your submission details

    Figure 6: Your submission details
    Figure 6: Your submission details

Tips for a successful Kaltura upload

  • Kaltura accepts the following file video formats:
    .flv, .asf, .qt, .mov, .mpg, .avi, .wmv, .mp4, .3gp, .f4v, and .m4v.
  • Kaltura accepts the following audio formats:
    .flv, .asf, .wmv, .qt, .mov, .mpg, .avi, .mp3, .wav, .aiff, .mpa, and .wma.
  • Allow plenty of time for the video upload process to Kaltura before the due date and time (this may be hours for very large video files)
  • Try to compress the video as much as you can, unless otherwise specified by assignment guidelines. Larger files will take longer to upload to Kaltura. You video software should have a compression option. If not, you can always search the internet for tips on compression for your video file format
  • Make sure you are in a stable internet environment while you are uploading your video
  • Keep a backup copy of your video file so if something happens during your upload, you will still retain a copy

This guide was last updated 13 Jan 2020.
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