Blackboard assignments

How to submit a Blackboard assignment and view assignment grades and feedback

There are several different assignment types in the LMS. The instructions in this guide are for Blackboard assignments only.

Blackboard Assignments often show the following icon:

Standard LMS assignment icon
Blackboard assignment icon

If yours is a Turnitin assignment see Turnitin guides.

TurnItIn assignment icon
Turnitin assignment icon

If you think your submission may be using a different assignment tool to those above, you should contact Stop 1 or your teaching staff for further information.

Submit an assignment

  1. Navigate to the LMS subject page where the assignment is located.
  2. Click the title of the assignment to display details, including instructions and option to view the rubric if applicable.
  3. Under Assignment Submission, there are two options:

    a. Write Submission provides a text-box editor where you can type or paste your assignment text. Note that it is likely that your teaching staff prefer that you attach your assignment as per option b.

    b. Use Browse My Computer, Browse Content Collection or the drag and drop feature to upload your assignment file. If you need to add additional files, repeat these steps for each file. A list of attached files will be displayed.

    Attach files
  4. Enter any comments you wish to make to your teaching staff in the Comments field. You may be required to enter standard information (name, student number etc.) in this area. Check any instructions from your coordinator that appear at the top of the page.
  5. Read the declaration text regarding Academic Honesty and Plagiarism.
  6. Read the notice about onscreen and email assignment confirmation.

    Notice about submission confirmation
    If you do not receive an onscreen confirmation as well as email, you should assume that your submission has not been successful, and try to submit again as well as contact your teaching staff to make other arrangements for submission if required.

  1. Choose from Cancel, Save as Draft or Submit:
    • Cancel if you don’t wish to continue with the assignment submission.
    • Save as Draft if you wish to save comments and files you have added, but do not want to submit yet. You will need to return and complete the submission before the due date.
    • Submit if you wish to submit your assignment.
  2. If you attached your assignment in a format that can be displayed inside the LMS (e.g. PDF, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, video or audio) the file will be previewed within the page. You may need to refresh your screen after submitting to see it.

    Document is displayed in preview

  3. After submitting, an onscreen confirmation green banner message displays at the top of the screen.
  4. Onscreen confirmation

    A confirmation email will also be sent to your student email address with a receipt number.

    Email confirmation

  5. If you accidentally submit the wrong file, and your teaching staff have allowed multiple submissions, you will need to submit again using the Start New button. If your assignment does not allow multiple submissions, contact your teaching staff to have your submission reset.
  6. Making a subsequent submission

View assignment grades and feedback

Assignment grades and feedback can be accessed via the assessment submission area or via My Grades. Teaching staff have the option to give any or all of the following: a number grade, general feedback (overall comment), inline feedback (comments and highlighting added directly onto your submission) and rubric feedback (criteria with levels and comments). All of these options will only be available to students when teaching staff have set them to be visible.

To access your feedback, use one of the following methods:

  1. Go to My Grades and click the title of the assignment to open.
  2. Navigate within your subject to where the assignment is located and click the title to open.

If your assignment text was submitted via Write submission, this text will be displayed when you open your assignment. If your assignment text was submitted as a file via Browse my computer, and nothing was entered in the Write submission field, the file will be displayed immediately when you open your assignment. If you did both, the Write Submission text is displayed, but there is also a link to the file on the right hand side of the screen. Click the link to your file on the right of the screen to see it displayed.

Inline comments

Click on a comment icon to display the text that your teaching staff have added to your work, as per the image below.

Inline comment

Highlighting (with or without comments)

Your teaching staff can also highlight text in your assignment. This highlighted text may or may not have a comment attached. Click the highlighted text to see any comments added, as per the image below.


Number grade

Your teaching staff can add a number grade to your assignment which will appear to the right hand side of the page as you are looking at your assignment.

Number grade

Feedback to Learner

Your teaching staff can add a general comment which will appear to the right hand side of the page as you are looking at your assignment, in the 'Feedback to Learner' area.

General feedback

Rubric feedback

Your teaching staff can add a rubric to your assignment that will show a score and feedback against individual criteria. Be sure to read the criteria and descriptions carefully as they can be a valuable source of feedback about your assignment. The rubric may or may not have been made available to students before the assignment was due. The rubric may or may not have numeric values attached.

Example rubric showing the level attained by the student
Example rubric showing the level attained by the student

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