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This guide explains how Pools can be created and used to store questions that can then be reused to populate Tests and Surveys.

Pools are only available to staff, not students. Questions may be:

  • Created inside the Pool itself;
  • Found and copied from other Tests and Pools within the subject; or
  • Uploaded from a file

Questions must be added to a Test or Survey before it is available to students.

More information on Tests, Surveys and question types

Create a Question Pool

  1. From the Control Panel select Subject Tools >> Tests, Surveys and Pools >> Pools.
  2. Click Build Pool.
  3. On the Pool Information page, enter the name, description and instructions for the pool.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. On the Pool Canvas page, add questions using the Create Question, Find Question or Upload Questions options.

Create Question

  1. From Create Question select a question type – there are seventeen to choose from.
  2. Enter the question title, text and options as required. An example that shows creating a multiple choice question follows.
  3. Click Submit.

Multiple Choice Question example

The options available when creating or modifying a question will depend on the Creation Settings that have been selected. The example below has the option for Feedback provided for individual answers.

  1. From Create Question select Multiple Choice.
  2. Enter a short title and the question text or statement.
  3. Select the number format to be used, orientation of the question (vertical or horizontal), partial credit, and whether the answers should appear in random order.
  4. Select the number of answers which this multiple choice question will use. If you want to use fewer than four answers, this may be selected by clicking the Remove button next to one or more of the default entries.
  5. In the answer area, enter the correct and incorrect answers in the desired order. On completion of a Test/Survey, the feedback will appear for the student if you have allowed feedback options for that Test/Survey.
  6. Indicate the correct answer by clicking the radio button that is positioned at the top left of the answer box.
  7. Enter feedback, categories, keywords, and instructor notes as appropriate.

Note: On completion of a Test/Survey, the feedback will only appear for the student if you have allowed feedback options for that Test/Survey.

  1. Click Submit.
What multiple choice questions looks like to students
How a Multiple Choice questions might look to students, depending on the settings chosen

Find Question

  1. Click Find Question.
  2. On the left, select Browse Criteria to display a subset of questions on the right.
Find Questions options
Find Questions options
  1. Click the check box to the left of the required question(s).
  2. Click Submit.

Upload Question

  1. Click Upload Questions.
  2. Click Browse and locate the file containing the questions on your computer.
  3. Click Open.
  4. Set the default number of points per question (optional and may be altered via question settings later).
  5. Click Submit.

Create a Question Pool (continued)…

  1. Questions added or created using the options above will be displayed in the lower half of the Pool Canvas screen.
Pool Canvas screen
Pool Canvas screen
  1. Click the downward arrow next to a question to see options to Edit, Copy or Delete the question.
Edit, Copy, Delete buttons
Edit, Copy, Delete buttons
  1. Default points may be altered for:
    • A single question by clicking the Default Points box (to the right of the question), entering a new value and clicking the green arrow to accept the change.
    • Multiple questions by selecting the check box (to the left of each question), entering a value in the Points box (top and bottom of the list of questions), and then clicking Update.
  2. If more options are required e.g. feedback for individual answers, images/links to be added to questions or answers, click Question Settings on the top right, and select options as required and Submit. Additional options are then available when creating/modifying questions.
  3. Click OK when you have finished editing the pool to return to the Pools page.

Export a Pool

Once a pool has been created it may be exported for use in other subjects, or at other institutions using Blackboard (copyright permitting).

  1. From the Control Panel select Subject Tools, Tests, Surveys and Pools.
  2. Click Pools.
  3. Click the down arrow next to a Pool.
  4. Select Export to Local Computer to save a .zip file to your own computer, or Export to Content Collection to select a content collection folder to save the file.

Import a Pool

Questions can be created using a text file and then imported. The file must be an export of another Pool, or in a particular format. Details of the format required for each question type can be found by clicking the More Help link within Upload Questions.

  1. From the Control Panel select Subject Tools, Tests, Surveys and Pools.
  2. Click Pools.
  3. Click Import Pool.
  4. Browse My Computer or Browse Content Collection to locate the pool to be imported.
  5. Click Submit.

This guide was last updated 10 Nov 2017.
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