Communities - Manage Users tool

The Manage Users tool allows staff with a Leader and Enroller role in a community to manage enrolments of Participants in their community.

Community Leaders may request Leader and Enroller access by submitting a request for support.

Important notes regarding this tool:

  • A limit of three people per community may have the Leader and Enroller role.
  • Having the Leader and Enroller role for one community does not automatically entitle you to the same level of access in all your communities.
  • If you have already cohort linked subjects in your community, you should not use this tool.
  • This tool does not work with Internet Explorer 9.

Enrol a participant

  1. Open Control Panel >> Community Tools >> Manage Users.
    Note: If the tool is not appearing for you here, go to Control Panel >> Customisation >> Tool Availability >> Manage Users Application. Click the check box and Submit.
  2. The Manage Users screen will open with all current participants will be listed.
  3. Click Enrol Users.
  4. From the Username and Role dropdown, select Participant.
  5. Type or paste in a username.
    1. Multiple usernames may be added, separated by commas (e.g. person1, person2, person3)
    2. Surnames and first names may also be used to search. As you type, people who match the typed text will become available to select (click).
    3. This search function requires an exact match from the beginning of the word. That is, you will need to enter the start of the name for it to find the person you are after. For example, the search below did not find the student view account for this person because the surname is then zz_emerson, not emerson.
    4. Email addresses cannot be used to search.
  6. Click on a result in the list, or press Enter to select the top user. All selected users will be displayed below.
    1. If a user has been added by accident, click the cross to the left of their name to remove them.
  7. When the list of Selected Users is correct, click the Enrol Users button.
  8. The new participant(s) will now appear in the Manage Users list.

Remove a participant

  1. Open Control Panel >> Community Tools >> Manage Users.
  2. Click the checkbox to the left of the name of the person to be removed.
  3. Click Remove Users from Community from above or below the table.
  4. The person is removed from the community.

Note: Participants enrolled through the Manage Users tool will appear in Users and Groups >> Enrolment List. However, details of their enrolment will not appear in under Users and Groups >> Enrolment Changes. Only enrolments controlled via the student enrolment system, StudentOne, will appear in the Enrolment Changes list.

This guide was last updated 20 Mar 2018.
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