Subject copy

Subject Copy is a tool in the LMS that enables coordinators to copy materials from one subject or community to another.

Examples of materials that can be copied include: Content Pages (layout and various content included), Adaptive Release rules for that content, Announcements, Calendar, Glossary, Grade Centre columns and settings, Group settings, Rubrics, Staff Information, Student Activity Centre rules, Tests, Surveys and Pools.

Note: When copying a Content Page that has the same name as another page in the destination subject, the page will be combined; content from the copied page will be added at the bottom of the page with the same name.

Why use Subject Copy?

  • Copy material from a past instance of a subject to a new instance; or
  • Copy multiple Tests, Surveys and Question Pools from one subject to another rather than recreating in each subject.

Materials that should not be copied

Student contributions

For Intellectual Property reasons, materials that contain student contributions should not be copied. Permission from each student is required if their contributions are to be re-purposed, e.g. for research or for other students outside of the original cohort to view.

For this reason it is recommended that Discussion Boards are created new each time in each new subject. If the Discussion Board structure is complex, there is an option that allows just the Forums to be copied, without posts. If anonymised student content is accidentally copied forward, it is the responsibility of the coordinator/s to delete it from the new subject.

Journals, Blogs or Wikis that are copied forward are empty; they do not contain content from the original instance of the tool.

Turnitin assignments

Turnitin assignments are automatically copied when the Content Page where they are located is copied. However, it is essential Turnitin assignments are not re-used. Old Turnitin assignments must be deleted and a new assignment created if needed. Turnitin assignments must also be deleted one at a time. Do not delete the Content Page/Folder where the Turnitin assignments are located as this may result in orphaned columns in the Grade Centre that are difficult to delete.

Subject copy process

  1. Log in to the LMS and open the subject or community to copy from.
  2. Select Control Panel >> Packages and Utilities >> Subject Copy (or Community Copy)
  3. Select Copy Type should be set to Copy Subject Materials into an Existing Subject.
  4. Enter the Destination Subject ID.
    For subjects, the ID is in the format subjectcode_year_studyperiod e.g. HIST10001_2017_SM2.
    For communities, you will need to know the community ID (usually in the format: COM_01234).
    If this is not known, click the Browse button to search eligible subjects. Click the button to the left of the desired subject and click Submit (bottom of the page).
    Note: You must be enrolled as a Coordinator of both the source and the destination subject/community.
  5. Click the check-boxes for the materials to be copied.
    Note: In many cases, making an unnecessary selection will not result in anything happening in the subject, e.g. choosing to copy the glossary when one doesn't exist.
  6. Select the third option Copy links and copies of the content (include entire subject home folder).
  7. Click Submit.
  8. Your request is queued and an email will be sent to you when the subject copy is complete.

After copying

When the copy process is complete you may need to do the following in the copied subject:

  • Reorder the Subject Menu pages.
  • Recreate Tool links in the Subject Menu (there is no default option for copying some of these).
  • Redeploy Tests.
  • Recreate Turnitin and Blackboard assignments.

Copying from Subject to Community or vice versa

By default if you are copying from a subject, the browse destinations offered to you are subjects only. Similarly, if you are copying from a community, the browse destinations offered to you are communities only. If you want to copy from a subject to a community, or from community to a subject, you must manually enter the ID of the destination; you will not be able to browse for the ID.

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