Lecture Capture - Getting started guide for staff

Guide to logging on and general navigation of the Lecture Capture system as well as viewing and downloading recordings.

Accessing the Lecture Capture system

The Lecture Capture system can be accessed through any LMS subject with an available Lecture Capture link, directly via https://echo360.org.au or through the Echo360 mobile application.


Term used in Lecture Capture Term used in LMS
Section or Course A subject or community
Class A single Lecture Capture recording or uploaded video for a course
Classroom Page with list of recordings or classes for the subject (course)

Accessing Lecture Capture via the LMS

A new Lecture Capture page has been added to all 2018 subjects in the LMS. Access Lecture Capture via the Lecture Capture link in an LMS subject. This link will direct you through to the the classroom page of the corresponding subject in Lecture Capture.

Tip: Want to upload slides or pre-recorded media? The Lecture Capture system can be used in any LMS subject even if your lectures are not recorded. For more information see Lecture Capture extended guide for staff.

  1. Navigate to your LMS Subject.
  2. Select the Lecture Capture page from the subject menu
Lecture Capture page link in the subject menu
  1. Click on the 'Lecture Capture' link that appears on the content page.
Lecture Capture link in a content page
  1. Lecture Capture will open in a new window in your browser. You will be presented with all of the current Lecture Capture recordings for the selected subject, as well as any scheduled recordings.

Accessing Lecture Capture Directly

To log in to Lecture Capture directly, you can download the "Echo360" mobile app, or navigate to https://login.echo360.org.au/login?appId=c08c41ee-50e3-45e8-a6e6-e9579b28f620&afterLoginUrl=/home

  1. Enter your University email address
  2. Login page for Echo360 website
  3. Enter your University of Melbourne Username and Password
University of Melbourne login page

Making the Lecture Capture link visible to students

To allow students access to the Lecture Capture system you will need to make the Lecture Capture page visible in the LMS.

  1. Ensure you are logged in to the LMS with staff access and Edit Mode is ON
Ensure Edit Mode is turned ON
  1. Select the drop-down arrow next to the Lecture Capture menu item and select Show Link
Choose to show or hide links in the subject menu from the dropdown next to each link

For more information, please see the guide to creating links to Lecture Capture in the LMS.

Course page

The Course page is where content, settings and analytics for your subject can be managed. If accessing Lecture Capture via the LMS you will be automatically directed to the Course Page. Students will see a modified version of the Course Page when accessing the Lecture Capture system.

Typical staff view of a subject in Lecture Capture

Courses > Classes

The Classes tab provides you with access to all available content for the selected course. From here, you can:

  • View or download recordings.
  • Upload content
  • See a list of scheduled recordings
  • Change recording titles

For a detailed walkthrough of the Classes section, view the Echo360 guide to Understanding the Instructor's Class List.

Courses > Analytics

The Analytics tab provides you with information and feedback regarding student engagement and classes participation.

Some of the reporting provided on this tab will not be fully available until certain features are activated. For example, reporting on features such as Questions will require the Q&A feature to be turned on.

For more information, view the Echo360 guide to Understanding Course and Student Analytics.

Courses > Settings

The Settings tab allows you to:

  • View course Details
  • View Instructors and Students that have accessed the course in Lecture Capture.
  • Enable or Disable any available Features for the course.

The Q&A feature can be enabled from the Settings tab. Please note that the use of this feature is at your own discretion. Learning Environments will be rolling out support and Self Help Guides for this feature later in 2018.

Courses > Search

The Lecture Capture system gives you the ability to search for text that is used throughout the course. Some examples of searchable information within the system are listed below:

  • Slide deck content (if a slide deck has been uploaded to the system)
  • Class or course names, descriptions or dates

For a detailed walkthrough of the search functionality, view the Echo360 guide to Search Across a Section.


The Dashboard is the Lecture Capture system's 'Home Screen' when accessing Lecture Capture directly. The Dashboard provides you with an overview of your current courses, recent recordings and other information for each course you have access too.

From the dashboard, you can navigate to each course for further information.

For more information, view the Echo360 guide to Understanding the Instructor's Dashboard.


The Library page is the repository for all content a user 'owns'. The material on this page can include copies of lecture recordings, slide decks, ad hoc recordings and uploaded media. Content in the Library is available only to the owner unless it is published to a course or shared.

For more information, view the Echo360 guide to Understanding the Instructor's Library Page.

Viewing and downloading recordings

Viewing lecture recordings

  1. Navigate to the subject via the Dashboard screen or via the Courses menu in the Lecture Capture system.
    Note: When accessing via the LMS you will be taken directly to the Class List.
  2. Click on the name of a recording (class) from the list provided.
    The icons shown in the table below may be displayed next to each class.
  3. Once you have clicked on the name, a video player will appear and playback will commence once the Play button is selected.



Add content
Select this icon to add a video or presentation to your selected class.

Grey Icons indicate that this content has been made unavailable to students.

Lecture recording
Grey Icons indicate that this content has been made unavailable to students.

Green Icons indicate that the content is available to students.

Lecture recording
Green Icons indicate that the content is available to students.

This icon indicates that there is an issue, and that further troubleshooting may be required. If you see this Icon and you're not sure what to do, please submit a Lecture Capture support request.

Lecture recording playback

Once playback commences, you will be presented with a screen similar to the one shown below:

Recording playback
Typical staff view of a recording playback in Lecture Capture

Below is a brief overview of the Lecture Capture media player and its various functions.




Confusion flag
Shows anonymous details of when a student has flagged a segment of the recording as confusing.
Note: This feature cannot be turned off. The getting started guide for students advises students that any response to content flagged as confusing will be made at the discretion of teaching staff. For further information on this feature, please refer to the Echo360 extended guide for staff.


Course information
Shows a list of recordings for the current course.


Allows the viewer to swap video sources (if multiple sources are used).


Video settings
Allows you to change the video quality and to change the playback speed of the recording.




Display preference
If multiple video sources are used, the way that they are displayed can be altered.

  1. Large primary visual input with smaller subsequent inputs provided next to the primary. This is the default.
  2. Each input is distributed evenly across the screen.
  3. Primary input with smaller additional inputs overlaid.

Downloading recordings

The Lecture Capture system has the option to download lecture recordings as either video (.mp4) or audio (.mp3) files.

Note: Staff have the ability to disable content downloads. If the Class Content Downloads option in your course is disabled, the download content option will be greyed out and will not be accessible to students.

For more information, view the Echo360 guide to downloading content from a class.

Issues and support

If you have issues viewing recordings or using the Lecture Capture system, please submit a Lecture Capture support request.

This guide was last updated 06 Nov 2018.
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