Blackboard staff guides

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Adaptive Release
Adaptive Release Guide
Apply multiple rules (Video) Watch video
Date and time (Video) Watch video
Grade or assessment task (Video) Watch video
Group membership (Video) Watch video
Review Status (Video) Watch video
Avatars Guide
Blackboard Assignments
Blackboard Assignments Guide
Anonymous and Delegated Grading Guide
Rubrics (Turnitin rubrics below) Guide
Blogs (in Journals, Blogs and Wikis)Guide
Browser cookies
Browser cookies Guide
Calendar Guide
Watch video
Content Collection
Content Collection Guide
Copy, move and delete files Guide
Provide individual files to students Guide
Reduce file sizes Guide
Set correct permissions Guide
Share files Guide
Review subject material copyright Guide
Discussion boards
Discussion Boards Guide
Watch video
Grade centre
Grade CentreGuide
Smart Views Guide
Feedback comments in manual columns (Video) Watch video
Calculated weighted total columns Guide
Export final grades for StudentOne (Video) Watch video
View grade history (Video) Watch video
Upload grades to the Grade Centre Guide
Watch video
Watch video 
Create a single group with manual enrolment (Video) Watch video
Create a single group with self-enrolment (Video) Watch video
Create set of groups with manual enrolment (Video) Watch video
Create set of groups with random enrolment (Video) Watch video
Create set of groups with self-enrolment (Video) Watch video
Journals (in Journals, Blogs and Wikis) Guide
Learning modules
Learning modulesGuide
Lecture Capture
Getting started guide for staff Guide
Managing recordings Guide
Link to recordings in the LMS Guide
Pause and stop recordings Guide
Booking and accessing public seminars and events Guide
Lecture Capture analytics Guide
Confusion Flags Guide
Q&A discussions Guide
Personal Capture Guide 
Presentations, interactive activities and embedded media Guide
Mashups (YouTube, Flickr and Slideshare) Guide
LMS Orientation
Orientation with the LMS (Video) Watch video
Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere guide Guide
Getting started with Qualtrics Guide
Qualtrics and the LMS Guide
Respondus - Installation & Publishing Guide
Rubrics (for Blackboard assignments) Guide
Rubrics (for Turnitin assignments) Guide
SCORM (importable content) Guide
Student Activity Centre
Student Activity CentreGuide
Watch video
Student Activity data and analytics Guide
Subject Copy Guide
Student Preview tool Guide
Subject - Setting up your subject Guide
Subject - Banner creation tool Tool
Subject - Add web links to an LMS page Guide
Subject - Link to HTML pages from the subject menu Guide
Subject - Archive/export/import package Guide
Reduce list in My Subjects module (Video) Watch video
Upload files to a Content Page Guide
Watch video
Video - Embed or link to videos in the LMS Guide
Tests and surveys
Tests and surveys Guide
Tests and surveys - Item Analysis reports Guide
Watch video
Tests and Surveys - Question pools Guide
Tests and Surveys - Question types Guide
Turnitin assignments Guide
Turnitin - Create an assignment (Video) Watch video
Turnitin - iPad app Guide
Turnitin - Marking and feedback Guide
Watch video
Interactive demo
Turnitin - PeerMark assignments for peer review Guide
Turnitin - Rubrics and Grading Forms Guide
Watch video
Turnitin - Rubrics: Import from Excel (Video) Watch video
Turnitin - Similarity Reports Guide
Watch video
Turnitin - Similarity Score myths (Video) Watch video
Turnitin - Submit assignment on behalf of a student (Video) Watch video
Turnitin - Tips for assessment in the classroom Guide
Turnitin - Tips for marking in teams Guide
User management
User management - Communities (Manage Users tool) Guide
Watch video
User management - External users Guide
User management - External users reset password LMS page
User management - Guest access Guide
User management - Staff roles Guide
User management - Staff Roles and Staff Information tool (Video) Watch video
User management - Student and participant enrolments Guide
Wikis (in Journals, Blogs and Wikis)Guide

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